Mathematical finance

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An Elementary Introduction to Mathematical Finance
This unique book on the basics of option pricing is mathematically accurate and yet accessible to readers with limited mathematical training. It will appeal to professional traders as well as undergraduates studying the basics of finance. The author assumes no prior knowledge of probability, and off..
₦ 16,788
A Course in Financial Calculus
Finance provides a dramatic example of the successful application of advanced mathematical techniques to the practical problem of pricing financial derivatives. This self-contained text is designed for first courses in financial calculus aimed at students with a good background in mathematics. Key c..
₦ 14,872
Worldwide Asset and Liability Modeling
The underlying theme of this volume is how to invest assets over time to achieve satisfactory returns subject to uncertainties, various constraints and liability commitments. Most investors, be they individuals or institutions, do not diversify properly across markets nor across time. The papers uti..
₦ 37,187
The Mathematics of Financial Derivatives
Finance is one of the fastest growing areas in the modern banking and corporate world. This, together with the sophistication of modern financial products, provides a rapidly growing impetus for new mathematical models and modern mathematical methods; the area is an expanding source for novel and re..
₦ 15,513
Financial Enterprise Risk Management
Financial Enterprise Risk Management provides all the tools needed to build and maintain a comprehensive ERM framework. As well as outlining the construction of such frameworks, it discusses the internal and external contexts within which risk management must be carried out. It also covers a range o..
₦ 34,000
An Introduction to Financial Option Valuation
This is a lively textbook providing a solid introduction to financial option valuation for undergraduate students armed with a working knowledge of a first year calculus. Written in a series of short chapters, its self-contained treatment gives equal weight to applied mathematics, stochastics and co..
₦ 14,872
The Concepts and Practice of Mathematical Finance
An ideal introduction for those starting out as practitioners of mathematical finance, this book provides a clear understanding of the intuition behind derivatives pricing, how models are implemented, and how they are used and adapted in practice. Strengths and weaknesses of different models, e.g. B..
₦ 18,700
Financial Engineering and Computation
Nowadays students and professionals intending to work in any area of finance must master not only advanced concepts and mathematical models but also learn how to implement these models computationally. This comprehensive text combines the theory and mathematics behind financial engineering with an e..
₦ 24,119
Modelling Financial Derivatives with MATHEMATICA ®
One of the most important tasks in finance is to find good mathematical models for financial products, in particular derivatives. However, the more realistic the model, the more practitioners face still-unsolved problems in rigorous mathematics and econometrics in addition to serious numerical diffi..
₦ 54,400
Elementary Calculus of Financial Mathematics
Modern financial mathematics relies on the theory of random processes in time, reflecting the erratic fluctuations in financial markets. This book introduces the fascinating area of financial mathematics and its calculus in an accessible manner for undergraduate students. Using little high-level mat..
₦ 17,584
Handbooks in Mathematical Finance
This handbook presents the current state of practice, method and understanding in the field of mathematical finance. Every chapter has been written by leading researchers and each starts by briefly surveying the existing results for a given topic, then discusses more recent results and, finally, poi..
₦ 46,750
Computational Methods for Option Pricing
This book is a must for becoming better acquainted with the modern tools of numerical analysis for several significant computational problems arising in finance. Important aspects of finance modeling are reviewed, involving partial differential equations and numerical algorithms for the fast and acc..
₦ 30,813