Recreational mathematics

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Topics in Recreational Mathmatics
This book shows something of the fascination, beauty and power of mathematical ideas. It is based on talks which the author has given to mathematical and scientific audiences, many of whom found the material unfamiliar. The fifteen topics range from the distribution of prime numbers among the intege..
₦ 11,047
In Polya's Footsteps
Mathematics is often studied with an air of such seriousness that it doesn't always seem to be much fun. However, it is quite amazing how many surprising results and brilliant arguments one is in a position to enjoy with just a high school background. This is a book of miscellaneous delights, presen..
₦ 13,278
The Genius of Euler
Celebrating the 300th birthday of Leonhard Euler (1707–1783), one of the brightest stars in the mathematical firmament, this book stands as a testimonial to a mathematician of unsurpassed insight, industry, and ingenuity. The collected articles, aimed at a mathematically literate audience, address a..
₦ 20,613
Learn from the Masters
This book is for high school and college teachers who want to know how they can use the history of mathematics as a pedagogical tool to help their students construct their own knowledge of mathematics. Often, a historical development of a particular topic is the best way to present a mathematical to..
₦ 22,844
The Magic Numbers of the Professor
The Professor in Owen O'Shea's book is the imaginary American Richard Stein. As Owen O'Shea and the Professor travel through Ireland, O'Shea notes the Professor's collection of amazing magic numbers in fascinating detail. His mathematical curiosities are wide ranging, concerning the 1915 sinking of ..
₦ 19,334
Exploring Mathematics with your Computer
This is a mathematics book, not a programming book, although it explains Pascal to beginners. It is aimed at high school students and undergraduates with a strong interest in mathematics, and teachers looking for fresh ideas. It is full of diverse mathematical ideas requiring little background. It i..
₦ 18,062
Proofs without Words
Proofs without words are generally pictures or diagrams that help the reader see why a particular mathematical statement may be true, and how one could begin to go about proving it. While in some proofs without words an equation or two may appear to help guide that process, the emphasis is clearly o..
₦ 12,959
The Edge of the Universe
Math Horizons celebrates the people and ideas that are mathematics. Containing the editors' selection from the first ten years of the magazine's existence, this volume features exquisite expositions of mathematics accessible at the level of an undergraduate or advanced school student. Broad and appe..
₦ 16,788
Penrose Tiles to Trapdoor Ciphers
Here is another collection drawn from Martin Gardner's 'Mathematical Games' column in Scientific American. Each chapter explores a different theme, for example fractals, surreal numbers, the sculptures of Berrocal, tiling the plane, Ramsey theory and code breaking, all combining to create a rich die..
₦ 12,959
Five Hundred Mathematical Challenges
This book contains 500 problems that range over a wide spectrum of mathematics and of levels of difficulty. Some are simple mathematical puzzlers while others are serious problems at the Olympiad level. Students of all levels of interest and ability will be entertained by the book. For many problems..
₦ 14,872
A Treatise on the Calculus of Finite Differences
Self-taught mathematician and father of Boolean algebra, George Boole (1815–1864) published A Treatise on the Calculus of Finite Differences in 1860 as a sequel to his Treatise on Differential Equations (1859). Both books became instant classics that were used as textbooks for many years and eventua..
₦ 10,409
Leçons sur les Séries Trigonométriques Proféssees au College de France
The two great works of the celebrated French mathematician Henri Lebesgue (1875–1941), Leçons sur l'intégration et la recherche des fonctions primitives professées au Collège de France (1904) and Leçons sur les séries trigonométriques professées au Collège de France (1906) arose from lecture courses..
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