Control systems and optimization

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Filtering and System Identification
Filtering and system identification are powerful techniques for building models of complex systems. This book discusses the design of reliable numerical methods to retrieve missing information in models derived using these techniques. Emphasis is on the least squares approach as applied to the linea..
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Applied Linear Optimal Control
While many books cover the theory of optimal design, few help readers to actually apply it. This book is one of the first to aid readers in utilizing the theory of optimal control to solve practical problems in the face of uncertainty. Topics covered include random inputs and random errors in measur..
₦ 18,700
Applied Optimization
The starting point in the formulation of any numerical problem is to take an intuitive idea about the problem in question and to translate it into precise mathematical language. This book provides step-by-step descriptions of how to formulate numerical problems and develops techniques for solving th..
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Stochastic Scheduling
Stochastic scheduling is in the area of production scheduling. There is a dearth of work that analyzes the variability of schedules. In a stochastic environment, in which the processing time of a job is not known with certainty, a schedule is typically analyzed based on the expected value of a perfo..
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Handbook of Hybrid Systems Control
Setting out core theory and reviewing a range of new methods, theoretical problems and applications, this handbook shows how hybrid dynamical systems can be modelled and understood. Sixty expert authors involved in the recent research activities and industrial application studies provide practical i..
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Optimization Concepts and Applications in Engineering
It is vitally important to meet or exceed previous quality and reliability standards while at the same time reducing resource consumption. This textbook addresses this critical imperative integrating theory, modeling, the development of numerical methods, and problem solving, thus preparing the stud..
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Principles of Linear Systems
State-space methods form the basis of modern control theory. This graduate text is devoted to a description of these methods in the analysis of linear multi-input, multi-output dynamic systems. Following a chapter which sets out the basic concepts and definitions, state equations of finite dimension..
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Fundamentals of Object Tracking
Kalman filter, particle filter, IMM, PDA, ITS, random sets... The number of useful object-tracking methods is exploding. But how are they related? How do they help track everything from aircraft, missiles and extra-terrestrial objects to people and lymphocyte cells? How can they be adapted to novel ..
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Quasilinear Control
This is a textbook and reference for readers interested in quasilinear control (QLC). QLC is a set of methods for performance analysis and design of linear plant or nonlinear instrumentation (LPNI) systems. The approach of QLC is based on the method of stochastic linearization, which reduces the non..
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Dynamic Modeling and Control of Engineering Systems
This textbook is ideal for a course in Engineering System Dynamics and Controls. The work is a comprehensive treatment of the analysis of lumped parameter physical systems. Starting with a discussion of mathematical models in general, and ordinary differential equations, the book covers input/output..
₦ 24,437
Estimation Problems in Hybrid Systems
Recent developments in sensor and processor sophistication have created a need for effective estimation and control algorithms for hybrid, nonlinear systems. This volume presents a highly effective, flexible family of estimation algorithms that can be used in estimating or controlling a wide variety..
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