Thermal-fluids engineering

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Topics in Fluid Mechanics
This book offers a novel but unified treatment of an established subject. Rather than describe the standard topics in fluid mechanics in traditional form, the book presents each topic as part of a wider class of problems so that a unity of concepts is emphasized over a unity of material. The authors..
₦ 17,106
An Introduction to Turbulent Flow
Most natural and industrial flows are turbulent. The atmosphere and oceans, automobile and aircraft engines, all provide examples of this ubiquitous phenomenon. In recent years, turbulence has become a very lively area of scientific research and application, attracting many newcomers who need a basi..
₦ 19,975
Flow Control
The ability to actively or passively manipulate a flow field to bring about a desired change is of immense technological importance. The potential benefits of improving flow control systems range from saving billions of dollars in fuel costs for land, air and sea vehicles to achieving more economica..
₦ 20,931
Internal Flow
This book describes the analysis and behaviour of internal flows encountered in propulsion systems, fluid machinery (compressors, turbines and pumps) and ducts (diffusers, nozzles and combustion chambers). The focus is on phenomena that are important in setting the performance of a broad range of fl..
₦ 21,569
Plasma Chemistry
This unique book provides a fundamental introduction to all aspects of modern plasma chemistry. It describes mechanisms and kinetics of chemical processes in plasma, plasma statistics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and electrodynamics, as well as all major electric discharges applied in plasma ch..
₦ 35,594
Hydrodynamics of Pumps
Hydrodynamics of Pumps is a reference for pump experts and a textbook for advanced students exploring pumps and pump design. This book is about the fluid dynamics of liquid turbomachines, particularly pumps. It focuses on special problems and design issues associated with the flow of liquid through ..
₦ 35,594
Hydrodynamics of High-Speed Marine Vehicles
This volume considers hydrodynamic aspects of the three main categories of high-speed marine vehicles, i.e. vessels supported by either the submerged hull, an air cushion, or foils. (Submerged-hull-supported vessels include planing and semi-displacement vessels.) The wave environment, resistance, pr..
₦ 26,031
Large Eddy Simulation of Complex Engineering and Geophysical Flows
Originally published in 1993, this book was the first to offer a comprehensive review of large eddy simulations (LES) - the history, state of the art, and promising directions for research. Among topics covered are fundamentals of LES; LES of incompressible, compressible, and reacting flows; LES of ..
₦ 16,788
Fluid Dynamics and Transport of Droplets and Sprays
This book serves as both a graduate text and a reference for engineers and scientists exploring the theoretical and computational aspects of the fluid dynamics and transport of sprays and droplets. Attention is given to the behavior of individual droplets, including the effects of forced convection ..
₦ 27,625
Thermodynamics and Gas Dynamics of the Stirling Cycle Machine
This 1992 book provides a coherent and comprehensive treatment of the thermodynamics and gas dynamics of the practical Stirling cycle. Invented in 1816, the Stirling engine is the subject of worldwide research and development on account of unique qualities - silence, indifference to heat source, low..
₦ 13,916
Liquid Sloshing Dynamics
The problem of liquid sloshing in moving or stationary containers remains of great concern to aerospace, civil, and nuclear engineers; physicists; designers of road tankers and ship tankers; and mathematicians. Beginning with the fundamentals of liquid sloshing theory, this book takes the reader sys..
₦ 76,075
Numerical Simulation of Reactive Flow
Reactive flows encompass a broad range of physical phenomena, interacting over many different time and space scales. Such flows occur in combustion, chemical lasers, the earth's oceans and atmosphere, and stars and interstellar space. Despite the obvious physical differences in these flows, there is..
₦ 23,481