Chemical engineering

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Spouted and Spout-Fluid Beds
Since the pioneering text by Mathur and Epstein over 35 years ago, much of the work on this subject has been extended or superseded, producing an enormous body of scattered literature. This edited volume unifies the subject, pulling material together and underpinning it with fundamental theory to pr..
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An Introduction to Granular Flow
The flow of granular materials such as sand, snow, coal, and catalyst particles is common occurrence in natural and industrial settings. The mechanics of these materials is not well understood. They are important since a large fraction of the materials handled and processed in the chemical, metallur..
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Transport Properties of Fluids
This book describes the most reliable methods available for evaluating the transport properties, such as viscosity, thermal conductivity and diffusion, of pure gases and fluid mixtures. Particular emphasis is placed on recent theoretical advances in our understanding of fluid transport properties in..
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Principles of Gas-Solid Flows
Gas-solid flows are involved in numerous industrial processes and occur in various natural phenomena. This authoritative book addresses the fundamental principles that govern gas-solid flows and the application of these principles to various gas-solid flow systems. The book is arranged in two parts:..
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Suspension Acoustics
Originally published in 2005, this book is an introduction to the physics of suspensions of bubbles, droplets, and solid particles in both gases and fluids. Rather than treating each combination separately, a unified approach is used that permits most particle-fluid combination types to be discussed..
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Distillation Theory and its Application to Optimal Design of Separation Units
Writing for designers and operators of separation units in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and related industries as well as software designers, F.B. Petlyuk presents a clear, multidimensional geometric representation of distillation theory valid for all types of distillation column types, split..
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Thermodynamics: Fundamentals and Applications is a text for a first graduate course in Chemical Engineering. The focus is on macroscopic thermodynamics; discussions of modeling and molecular situations are integrated throughout. Underpinning this text is the knowledge that while thermodynamics descr..
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Chemical Engineering Design and Analysis
Students taking their first chemical engineering course plunge into the 'nuts and bolts' of mass and energy balances and often miss the broad view of what chemical engineers do. This innovative text offers a well-paced introduction to chemical engineering. Students are first introduced to the fundam..
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Two Phase Flows in Chemical Engineering
This monograph is a highly technical analysis of the interaction of two phases in controlled experiments. By using a perforated plate and stirred tank, Dr Azbel has conducted experiments involving flow, mass bubbling, mass transfer during bubbling and in a liquid-solid system and the calculation of ..
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The Potential Distribution Theorem and Models of Molecular Solutions
An understanding of statistical thermodynamic molecular theory is fundamental to the appreciation of molecular solutions. This complex subject has been simplified by the authors with down-to-earth presentations of molecular theory. Using the potential distribution theorem (PDT) as the basis, the tex..
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Mass and Heat Transfer
This text allows instructors to teach a course on heat and mass transfer that will equip students with the pragmatic, applied skills required by the modern chemical industry. This new approach is a combined presentation of heat and mass transfer, maintaining mathematical rigor while keeping mathemat..
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Gasoline, Diesel and Ethanol Biofuels from Grasses and Plants
The world is currently faced with two significant problems: fossil fuel depletion and environmental degradation, which are continuously being exacerbated due to increasing global energy consumption. As a substitute for petroleum, renewable fuels have been receiving increasing attention due a variety..
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