Engineering design, kinematics, and robotics

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Principles of Optimal Design
Principles of Optimal Design puts the concept of optimal design on a rigorous foundation and demonstrates the intimate relationship between the mathematical model that describes a design and the solution methods that optimize it. Since the first edition was published, computers have become ever more..
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The Design of Design
How does an inventor set about designing a piece of machinery to make a particular product? Are they any basic principles to guide him? Glegg believes that there are and, in his short book, draws on his own wide-ranging experience as an inventor, consulting engineer, company director and university ..
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Biomimetic Robotics
This book is written as an initial course in robotics. It is ideal for study of unmanned aerial or underwater vehicles, a topic on which few books exist. It presents the fundamentals of robotics, from an aerospace perspective, by considering only the field of robot mechanisms. For an aerospace engin..
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Autoparametric Resonance in Mechanical Systems
When a mechanical system consists of two or more coupled vibrating components, the vibration of one of the component subsystems may destabilize the motion of the other components. This destabilization effect is called autoparametric resonance. It is a concept that has important engineering applicati..
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Freedom in Machinery
Does a machine run well by virtue of its accuracies, or its freedoms? This work presents an exciting, diagrammatic display of the hidden geometry of freedom and constraint. It bolsters the imaginative design of robots, but applies across all fields of machinery. The figures and their captions compri..
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Analytical Elements of Mechanisms
Mechanisms are fundamental components of machines. They are used to transmit forces and moments and to manipulate objects in industrial machinery, robots, automobiles, aircraft, mechatronics devices and biomechanical systems. A knowledge of the kinematic and dynamic properties of mechanisms is essen..
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Principles of Continuum Mechanics
As most modern technologies are no longer discipline-specific but involve multidisciplinary approaches, undergraduate engineering students should be introduced to the principles of mechanics so that they have a strong background in the basic principles common to all disciplines and are able to work ..
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Originally published in 1958, this book was primarily written to provide information on torsional vibration for the design and development departments of engineering companies, although it was also intended to serve students of the subject. For the engine designer, the recommended formulae, graphica..
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Formal Engineering Design Synthesis
The development of a new design is often thought of as a fundamentally human, creative act. However, emerging research has demonstrated that aspects of design synthesis can be formalized. First steps in this direction were taken in the early 1960s when systematic techniques were introduced to guide ..
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Design Analysis
An integral part of engineering design is the development of models that describe physical behavior or phenomena in mathematical terms. As engineering systems have become more complex, classic linear methods of modeling and analysis have proved inadequate, creating a need for nonlinear models to sol..
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Advanced Engineering Dynamics
This text offers a clear and refreshing exposition of the dynamics of mechanical systems from an engineering perspective. Basic concepts are thoroughly covered, then applied in a systematic manner to solve problems in mechanical systems that have recognisable applications to engineering practice. Al..
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Gear Geometry and Applied Theory
This revised, expanded, edition covers the theory, design, geometry and manufacture of all types of gears and gear drives. This is an invaluable reference for designers, theoreticians, students, and manufacturers. This edition includes advances in gear theory, gear manufacturing, and computer simula..
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