Solid mechanics and materials

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Elements of Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics
This text is intended to provide a modern and integrated treatment of the foundations and applications of continuum mechanics. There is a significant increase in interest in continuum mechanics because of its relevance to microscale phenomena. In addition to being tailored for advanced undergraduate..
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The Geometrical Language of Continuum Mechanics
Epstein presents the fundamental concepts of modern differential geometry within the framework of continuum mechanics. Divided into three parts of roughly equal length, the book opens with a motivational chapter to impress upon the reader that differential geometry is indeed the natural language of ..
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Computational Continuum Mechanics
This book presents the nonlinear theory of continuum mechanics and demonstrates its use in developing nonlinear computer formulations for large displacement dynamic analysis. Basic concepts used in continuum mechanics are presented and used to develop nonlinear general finite element formulations th..
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Mechanical Response of Polymers
Automobiles, household appliances, and electronic devices all make use of polymeric materials. As polymers are used increasingly in sophisticated industrial applications, it has become essential that mechanical engineers, who have traditionally focused on the behavior of metals, become as capable an..
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General Continuum Mechanics
In this book, a new approach is pioneered in providing a unified theory in continuum mechanics. General Continuum Mechanics is intended for the beginner, but it develops advanced material covering interdisciplinary subjects. With applications of convective, Lagrangian, and Eulerian coordinates and t..
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Mechanical Behavior of Materials
This textbook fits courses on mechanical behavior of materials in mechanical engineering and materials science and includes numerous examples and problems. It emphasizes quantitative problem solving. This text differs from others because the treatment of plasticity emphasizes the interrelationship o..
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Introduction to Experimental Nonlinear Dynamics
Nonlinear behavior can be found in such highly disparate areas as population biology and aircraft wing flutter. Largely because of this extensive reach, nonlinear dynamics and chaos have become very active fields of study and research. This book uses an extended case study - an experiment in mechani..
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Introduction to Continuum Mechanics
This textbook treats solids and fluids in a balanced manner, using thermodynamic restrictions on the relation between applied forces and material responses. This unified approach can be appreciated by engineers, physicists, and applied mathematicians with some background in engineering mechanics. It..
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Dynamics and Control of Distributed Systems
Distributed parameter systems encompass a broad range of engineering applications from stereo speakers to space structures. The dynamic behaviour of these systems is usually governed by one or more partial differential equations, which may accurately represent the physical system but are often diffi..
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Mechanics of Composite Structures
An increase in the use of composite materials in areas of engineering has led to a greater demand for engineers versed in the design of structures made from such materials. This book offers students and engineers tools for designing practical composite structures. Among the topics of interest to the..
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Mechanics of Solids and Materials
Mechanics of Solids and Materials intends to provide a modern and integrated treatment of the foundations of solid mechanics as applied to the mathematical description of material behavior. The 2006 book blends both innovative (large strain, strain rate, temperature, time dependent deformation and l..
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A Treatise on the Theory of Screws
Originally published by Cambridge University Press in 1900, A Treatise on the Theory of Screws is the definitive reference on screw theory. It gives a very complete geometrical treatment of the problems of small movements in rigid dynamics. In recent years the theory of screws has emerged as a novel..
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