Polymer science and engineering

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The Vibrational Spectroscopy of Polymers
This book describes the theory and practice of infrared and Raman spectroscopy as applied to the study of the physical and chemical characteristics of polymers. Its purpose is to give the beginning researcher in the field a firm foundation and a starting point for the study of more-advanced literatu..
₦ 13,916
The Science of Polymer Molecules
This book is an introduction to polymers and focuses on the synthesis, structure and properties of the individual molecules that constitute polymeric materials. It approaches polymeric materials from a molecular basis on the belief that there is a common core of knowledge and principles concerning p..
₦ 20,931
Chemorheology of Polymers
Understanding the dynamics of reactive polymer processes allows scientists to create new, high value, high performance polymers. Chemorheology of Polymers provides an indispensable resource for researchers and practitioners working in this area, describing theoretical and industrial approaches to ch..
₦ 30,813
Microhardness of Polymers
This book deals with the micromechanical characterization of polymer materials. Particular attention is given to microhardness as a technique capable of detecting a variety of morphological and textural changes in polymers. A comprehensive introduction to the microhardness of polymers is provided, i..
₦ 14,872
Electrical Properties of Polymers
Fully revised and expanded, this second edition of A. Blythe's successful title on electrical properties of polymers covers both the fundamental and recent developments in this growing area. This book provides a broad and comprehensive account on the topic, describing underlying physical principles ..
₦ 16,150
Rubberlike Elasticity
Elastomers and rubberlike materials form a critical component in diverse applications that range from tyres to biomimetics and are used in chemical, biomedical, mechanical and electrical engineering. This updated and expanded edition provides an elementary introduction to the physical and molecular ..
₦ 32,725
Polymers at Surfaces and Interfaces
This text deals from a fundamental viewpoint with the behaviour of polymers at surfaces and interfaces. Topics covered include the nature and properties of the surface of a polymer melt, the structure of interfaces between different polymers and between polymers and non-polymers, the molecular basis..
₦ 18,700
Polymer Dynamics and Relaxation
This book was first published in 2007. Polymers exhibit a range of physical characteristics, from rubber-like elasticity to the glassy state. These particular properties are controlled at the molecular level by the mobility of the structural constituents. Remarkable changes in mobility can be witnes..
₦ 11,684
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Solid Polymers
This book is an authoritative and comprehensive account of the principles and practice of NMR spectroscopy of solids as applied to polymeric materials to determine their structure and dynamics at a molecular level. NMR spectroscopy has been applied to the characterization of polymers in solid state ..
₦ 18,381
Physical Properties of Polymers
The third edition of this well known textbook discusses the diverse physical states and associated properties of polymeric materials. The contents of the book have been conveniently divided into two general parts, 'Physical States of Polymers' and 'Characterization Techniques'. Written by seven of t..
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Polymeric Carbons
₦ 10,409
Crystallization of Polymers
First published in 2002, from an original 1964 edition, in the Crystallization of Polymers 2nd Edition Leo Mandelkern provides a self-contained treatment of polymer crystallization. All classes of macromolecules are included and the approach is through the basic disciplines of chemistry and physics...
₦ 15,509