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Shape and Structure, from Engineering to Nature
Seemingly universal geometric forms unite the flow systems of engineering and nature. For example, tree-shaped flows can be seen in computers, lungs, dendritic crystals, urban street patterns, and communication links. In this groundbreaking book, Adrian Bejan considers the design and optimization of..
₦ 19,337
Remarkable Engineers
Engineering transformed the world completely between the 17th and 21st centuries. Remarkable Engineers tells the stories of 51 of the key pioneers in this transformation, from the designers and builders of the world's railways, bridges and aeroplanes, to the founders of the modern electronics and co..
₦ 11,684
Fundamentals of Modeling and Analyzing Engineering Systems
System modeling and analysis is a standard activity in every engineering discipline. This text offers a broad-based introduction to engineering systems, incorporating material from mechanical, electrical, aerospace, and chemical engineering. The overall theme that distinguishes the text from others ..
₦ 22,206
Reporting Results
This brief guide is ideal for science and engineering students and professionals to help them communicate technical information clearly, accurately, and effectively. The focus is on the most common communication forms, including laboratory reports, research articles, and oral presentations, and on c..
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The Systematic Experiment
This book explains how to plan, execute, analyse and write up an experiment. Experimentation is an essential part of science and engineering, being both the basis of discovery in science and an integral part of engineering development. The authors' aim is to provide instruction in how to perform a s..
₦ 21,569
Ethics in Engineering Practice and Research
Engineers encounter difficult ethical problems in their practice and in research. In many ways, these problems are like design problems: they are complex, often ill-defined; resolving them involves an iterative process of analysis and synthesis; and there can be more than one acceptable solution. Th..
₦ 19,656
Engineering, Ethics, and the Environment
Engineering is 'the people-serving profession'. The work of engineers involves interaction with clients, other engineers, and the public at large. More than any other profession, their work also directly involves and affects the environment. This book makes the case that engineers have special profe..
₦ 13,916
Politics by Principle, Not Interest
The very logic of majority rule implies unequal treatment or discrimination. If left unconstrained, majority coalitions will promote the interests of their own members at the expense of other persons. This book focuses on the effects of applying a generality constraint on the political process. Unde..
₦ 13,278
This book concerns software design. Although many current discussions of scientific programming focus on scalable performance, this book focuses on scalable design. The authors analyze how the structure of a package determines its developmental complexity according to such measures as bug search tim..
₦ 15,509
Principles of Mechanism
Robert Willis (1800–1875) was a scientist, inventor and architectural historian of international repute. As Jacksonian Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy at Cambridge, he demonstrated specially made mechanical devices to huge audiences. First published in 1841, Principles of Mechanism ..
₦ 12,959
Engineering Ethics
How do engineers respond to ethical dilemmas that occur in practice? How do they view their individual and collective responsibilities? How do they make decisions before all the facts are in? Using the space shuttle programme as the framework, this book examines the role of ethical decision making i..
₦ 19,975
Decisions under Uncertainty
To better understand the core concepts of probability and to see how they affect real-world decisions about design and system performance, engineers and scientists might want to ask themselves the following questions: • What exactly is meant by probability? • What is the precise definition of the 10..
₦ 29,538