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Only comprehensive treatment of United States policy toward European integration Perceptive and succinct account of the period Geir Lundestad is a highly distinguished Cold War historian 'There has been, until now, no comprehensive history of United States policy toward European integration. G..
₦ 14,447
The writers' aim is to make A Level study of Law an enjoyable and stimulating experience. Therefore the book does not just describe the law, it discusses its practical workings, the theories on which it is based and the problems to which it gives rise. The study of law should also be exciting. Law i..
₦ 11,727
Uses period photographs from postcards, newspaper accounts, and Well's own diaryIn 'They Say,' James West Davidson recounts the first thirty years in the passionate life of Ida B. Wells--as well as the story of the great struggle over the meaning of race in post-emancipation America. Davidson captur..
₦ 8,327
100 Essay Plans for Economics (Paperback)
Indispensable revision guide for students Very comprehensive range of questions - relevant to all undergraduate economics courses Highly accessible writing style and clear structure Provides space for students to personalise revision plans Includes guide to general essay writing skills Eac..
₦ 15,127
A 21st Century Ethical Toolbox (Paperback)
A 21st Century Ethical Toolbox offers a uniquely practical and hands-on introduction to ethics. Thoroughly optimistic, the book invites students to approach ethical issues with a reconstructive intent--to "break out of the box" in order to make room for more and better options than the rigid "pro" a..
₦ 17,847
A Brief History of Ancient Greece: Politics, Society, and Culture (Paperback)
Provides balanced coverage of political, military, social, cultural, and economic history Brief enough to be used alongside other books in Greek Civilization, Greek and Roman Civilization, or Western Civilization courses Presents the collaboration of 4 scholars who are experts in different areas..
₦ 14,450
A Brief History of the Romans (Paperback)
How did a single village in Italy grow to become a world-class imperial power? This introduction, a new and shorter version of the authors' The Romans: From Village to Empire, is an inviting guide to the stages of Rome's remarkable political and military evolution over 1,500 years - through monarchy..
₦ 13,600
A Brief Introduction to the New Testament (Paperback)
Ehrman's book, an abbreviated and more pedagogical version of Ehrman's best-selling textbook on the New Testament, is an accessible introductory text for undergraduates that approaches the New Testament from a consistently historical and comparative perspective. While addressing the same critical, h..
₦ 15,300
₦ 14,450
The seventeenth edition of this popular textbook has been expanded and thoroughly revised to include: a substantial new introduction; extensively rewritten chapters on plant physiology to incorporate recent research in biochemistry; the introduction of concepts like structural and functonal aspects ..
₦ 11,387
Selling point: First commentary in English on the Philippics since 1907 Selling point: Full commentary on Philippic I with essays on Philippics II and III Selling point: Promises to encourage more study of this essential Greek oratorDemosthenes' Philippic I, delivered between 351 B.C. - 350 B.C...
₦ 19,550
Selling point: Full commentary on Philippic I with essays on Philippics II and III Selling point: Promises to encourage more study of this essential Greek oratorPhilippic I, delivered between 351 B.C. - 350 B.C., was the first speech by a prominent politician against the growing power of Philip II..
₦ 10,030