Eighteenth-century music

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Concert Life in London from Mozart to Haydn
During the second half of the eighteenth century, the pace of London's concert life quickened dramatically, reflecting both the prosperity and the commercial vitality of the capital. The most significant development was the establishment of the public concert within the social and cultural life of f..
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Handel's Oratorios and Eighteenth-Century Thought
In this wide-ranging and challenging book, Ruth Smith shows that the words to Handel's oratorios reflect the events and ideas of their time and have far greater meaning than has hitherto been realized. She explores literature, music, aesthetics, politics and religion to reveal Handel's works as cond..
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Music in Eighteenth-Century England
English eighteenth-century music is comparatively neglected as an academic topic despite its increasing popularity with listeners, both on record and in the concert hall. Yet England in the eighteenth century was the scene of the liveliest and most various musical activity. The essays in this book, ..
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The Life of Bach
Bach, like Shakespeare, is known largely by his works, exceptional in quantity as well as quality, and only a few original documents convey any idea of his life and character. Peter Williams's thoroughly new look at Bach's biography asks many questions about the so-called evidence. What was he like ..
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Bach's Feet
The organist seated at the king of instruments with thousands of pipes rising all around him, his hands busy at the manuals and his feet patrolling the pedalboard, is a symbol of musical self-sufficiency yielding musical possibilities beyond that of any other mode of solo performance. In this book, ..
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Music in Eighteenth-Century Austria
The music of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven forms a cornerstone of the modern repertoire, but very little is known about the context in which these composers worked. This volume of twelve essays by leading international scholars considers some of the musical traditions and practices of this little-unde..
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Mozart's Piano Sonatas
Mozart's piano sonatas form a richly diverse and significant part of his instrumental output, and span much of his mature composing career, thereby representing a microcosm of the composer's changing style. Part I examines the contexts in which the sonatas were composed and performed, and reviews li..
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Music in Spain during the Eighteenth Century
Traditional musicology has tended to see the Spanish eighteenth century as a period of decline, but this volume shows it to be rich in interest and achievement. Covering stage genres, orchestral and instrumental music and vocal music (both sacred and secular), it brings together the results of resea..
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The Life of Handel
Victor Schoelcher (1804–93) was a French writer chiefly remembered for his part in the fight for the abolition of slavery. In America on business in 1829–30, he was so appalled by the conditions he found that he became an abolitionist campaigner, concentrating his writings on conditions in the Frenc..
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Haydn: String Quartets, Op. 50
The Op. 50 string quartets contain some of the purest writing Haydn ever accomplished. In this first full account of these six quartets Dean Sutcliffe evaluates the Op. 50 in relation to Haydn's more frequently performed quartets and considers their relevance to the composer's wider output. A lucid ..
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J. S. Bach and the German Motet
The motets of J. S. Bach are probably the most sophisticated works ever composed in the genre. Nevertheless, Daniel Melamed maintains, the view that they constitute a body of work quite separate from the German motet tradition is mistaken. He starts by considering the eighteenth-century understandin..
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The Virtuoso Flute-Player
This is an English translation of Tutor for Playing the Flute (1791) by Johann George Tromlitz. The most explicit of the eighteenth-century tutors for flute-playing, it now serves as a record of instrumental practice as well as a useful guide to the performance of German classical music. The Tutor c..
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