Twentieth-century and contemporary music

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Lutoslawski and His Music
The composer Witold Lutostawski (born 1913) is one of the outstanding musical personalities of the twentieth century. In this critical biography Steven Stucky traces Lutostawski's development from the Stravinsky-influenced music of his student days to his emergence in the 1960s as a leading avant-ga..
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Shostakovich Studies
Few composers' posthumous reputations have grown as steadily as Shostakovich's. Yet outside the concert hall the focus of attention seems to have been on the extraordinary circumstances of his life rather than on the music itself. This book seeks to show that the power of his work stems as much from..
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Gustav Mahler and Guido Adler
In this book Edward Reilly provides the essential documents connected with the friendship between the eminent Viennese music-historian Guido Adler and the composer Gustav Mahler. The nature and extent of that friendship has been the source of a number of questions for some years. Although Adler was ..
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The Stravinsky Legacy
It has become increasingly apparent in recent decades that Stravinsky's music has had far-reaching influence on the development of music in our century. Stravinsky's modernist innovations - evident in such features as his music's discontinuity, its stasis, its ritualized anti-narrative, its novel rh..
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The Cambridge Companion to Schoenberg
Arnold Schoenberg – composer, theorist, teacher, painter, and one of the most important and controversial figures in twentieth-century music. This Companion presents engaging essays by leading scholars on Schoenberg's central works, writings, and ideas over his long life in Vienna, Berlin, and Los A..
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The Music of Conlon Nancarrow
The expatriate American experimentalist composer Conlon Nancarrow is increasingly recognized as having had one of the most innovative musical minds of the twentieth century. His music, almost all written for player piano, is the most rhythmically complex ever written, couched in intricate contrapunt..
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Jazz Icons
Today, jazz history is dominated by iconic figures who have taken on an almost God-like status. From Satchmo to Duke, Bird to Trane, these legendary jazzmen form the backbone of the jazz tradition. Jazz icons not only provide musicians and audiences with figureheads to revere but have also come to s..
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Satie the Composer
Erik Satie remains one of the most bizarre figures in music history, yet everything he did has its own curious logic, once it can be perceived. In this important new study Dr Orledge reveals what made Satie 'tick' as a composer, dealing with every aspect of Satie's complex career and relating his ac..
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Strauss: Also sprach Zarathustra
Richard Strauss's tone poem Also sprach Zarathustra is one of his most controversial works. Its greatest popularity has been achieved when its connection with Nietzsche's book of the same name has seemed less relevant than its associations with Kubrick's film 2001 - A Space Odyssey. Although its ear..
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Sibelius: Symphony No. 5
Sibelius's Fifth is one of the great late-Romantic symphonies. In this searching account, based on a wealth of new information, James Hepokoski takes a fresh look at the work and its composer. His findings have implications beyond Sibelius himself into the entire repertory of Post-Wagnerian symphoni..
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The Music of Ruth Crawford Seeger
This book is the first full-length analytical study of the music of Ruth Crawford Seeger. Crawford was a pivotal figure in the American avant-garde, the so-called 'ultra-modern' movement of the 1920s and 1930s. In addition to her historical significance, as part of the first generation of American c..
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Musorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition
The piano cycle Pictures at an Exhibition is perhaps the most widely known of Musorgsky's compositions, especially as orchestrated by Ravel. This informative and wide-ranging guide places the original piano work in the context of Russian cultural life, considering in particular the work of the artis..
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