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Quotation and Cultural Meaning in Twentieth-Century Music
Musicians frequently incorporated portions of works by other musicians into their own compositions and performances throughout the twentieth century. This book examines how this practice of "quotation" affected cultural dialogues regarding race, childhood, madness and the mass media. When a musician..
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Duet for Two Voices
Edward Dent was a prolific correspondent and hundreds of letters remain, many in the Rowe Library at Kings College, Cambridge, bearing witness that what he wrote was treasured by the recipients. Clive Carey was no exception: during a friendship that began in Cambridge in 1901 when he was an organ sc..
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Edward J Dent: Selected Essays
During his long career, Edward Dent wrote on a variety of musical subjects, ranging from substantial articles in the most learned journals to less weighty pieces in Radio Times. This volume aims to reflect that variety. Some of the articles are now of primarily historical interest, others offer insi..
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Musical Form in the Age of Beethoven
A. B. Marx was one of the most important German music theorists of his time. Drawing on idealist aesthetics and the ideology of Bildung, he developed a holistic pedagogical method as well as a theory of musical form that gives pride of place to Beethoven. This volume offers a generous selection of t..
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Theory, Analysis and Meaning in Music
There have been far-reaching changes in the way music theorists and analysts view the nature of their disciplines. Encounters with structuralist and post-structuralist critical theory, and with linguistics and cognitive sciences, have brought the theory and analysis of music into the orbit of import..
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British Musical Biography
Co-authored by James D. Brown (also known for A Biographical Dictionary of Musicians) and Stephen S. Stratton, British Musical Biography is an alphabetical reference work to the key achievements of British musical artists, composers and authors from as early as 1042 AD to the end of the nineteenth c..
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A Dictionary of Musicians, from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time
The publisher John Sainsbury produced this two-volume biographical dictionary of musicians in 1824. The book, as he acknowledges on his title page, borrows from the previously published works of Choron and Fayolle (in French), Gerber (in German), Orloff (Russian, writing in French), and his two nota..
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A Short-Title Catalogue of Music Printed before 1825 in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
The collection of pre-1825 printed music in the Fitzwilliam Museum is one of the most important in the British Isles after the British Library and the Bodleian Library, particularly for its holdings of late seventeenth- and eighteenth-century music, areas in which the collection is noticeably strong..
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Poetry and the Romantic Musical Aesthetic
James H. Donelan describes how two poets, a philosopher and a composer – Hölderlin, Wordsworth, Hegel and Beethoven – developed an idea of self-consciousness based on music at the turn of the nineteenth century. This idea became an enduring cultural belief: the understanding of music as an ideal rep..
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Music Theory in the Age of Romanticism
Twelve authors probe the mind of the Romantic era in its thinking about music. They provide a searching examination of writings by music theorists, critics, aestheticians, philosophers, and commentators from 1800 to 1875. In doing so, they wield new critical tools as well as old, casting fresh light..
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Music in European Thought 1851–1912
This volume, in the series Cambridge Readings in the Literature of Music, is an anthology of original German, French and English writings from the period 1851–1912. Throughout the second half of the nineteenth century music continued to be a subject to which philosophers, psychologists, scientists a..
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Adorno's Aesthetics of Music
This introduction to the aesthetics and sociology of music of the German philosopher and music theorist T. W. Adorno is the only book to deal comprehensively with this topic and it has quickly established itself as a classic text...
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