Drama and theater: general interest

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The Cambridge Companion to Performance Studies
Since the turn of the century, Performance Studies has emerged as an increasingly vibrant discipline. Its concerns – embodiment, ethical research and social change – are held in common with many other fields, however a unique combination of methods and applications is used in exploration of the disc..
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New Theatre Quarterly 49
New Theatre Quarterly provides a lively international forum where theatrical scholarship and practice can meet, and where prevailing dramatic assumptions can be subjected to vigorous critical questioning. It shows that theatre history has a contemporary relevance, that theatre studies need a methodo..
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The Cambridge Introduction to Tragedy
Tragedy is the art-form created to confront the most difficult experiences we face: death, loss, injustice, thwarted passion, despair. From ancient Greek theatre up to the most recent plays, playwrights have found, in tragic drama, a means to seek explanation for disaster. But tragedy is also a word..
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The Cambridge Introduction to Comedy
'Laughter', says Eric Weitz, 'may be considered one of the most extravagant physical effects one person can have on another without touching them'. But how do we identify something which is meant to be comic, what defines something as 'comedy', and what does this mean for the way we enter the world ..
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