American theatre

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Williams: A Streetcar Named Desire
One of the most important plays of the twentieth century, A Streetcar Named Desire revolutionised the modern stage. This book offers the first continuous history of the play in production from 1947 to 1998 with an emphasis on the collaborative achievement of Tennessee Williams, Elia Kazan, and Jo Mi..
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Contemporary American Playwrights
Christopher Bigsby explores the works and influences of ten contemporary American playwrights: John Guare (House of Blue Leaves), Tina Howe (Museum and Approaching Zanzibar), Pulitzer Prize and Tony award winner Tony Kushner (Angels in America), Emily Mann (Anulla: An Autobiography and Having Our Sa..
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Sisters in Sin
The prostitute, and her sister in sin - the so-called 'fallen' woman - were veritable obsessions of American Progressive Era culture. Their cumulative presence, in scores of controversial theatrical productions, demonstrates the repeated obsession with the prostitute figure in both highbrow and lowb..
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The Federal Theatre Project
Drawing upon archival resources, official correspondence and personal interviews, this book provides a detailed examination of the operations of the US Federal Theatre Project in the decade of the 1930s. From the colourful bus tours through the Civilian Conservation Corps camps to the turbulent prod..
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Theatre in the United States
This is the first of two volumes of documents which describe the growth and development of theatre in the United States. The first volume covers the period from the beginnings of theatre in the North American colonies up to the First World War. With such an abundance of primary documents to consult,..
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Early American Women Critics
Early American Women Critics demonstrates that performances of various kinds - religious, political and cultural - enabled women to enter the human rights debates that roiled the American colonies and young republic. Black and white women staked their claims on American citizenship through disparate..
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Theatre, Culture and Temperance Reform in Nineteenth-Century America
Nineteenth-century America witnessed a full-blown campaign against alcohol and, for most of the century, temperance reform was a national cause. As an integral part of the various temperance movements, a new form of theatrical literature and performance developed, both professional and amateur, to h..
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Drama, Theatre, and Identity in the American New Republic
Drama, Theatre, and Identity in the American New Republic investigates the way in which theatre both reflects and shapes the question of identity in post-revolutionary American culture. Richards examines a variety of phenomena connected to the stage, including closet Revolutionary political plays, B..
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Neil LaBute
Neil LaBute is one of the most exciting new talents in theatre and film to have emerged in the 1990s. Influenced and inspired by such writers as David Mamet, Edward Bond and Harold Pinter, he is equally at home writing for the screen as for the stage, and the list of films he has written and directe..
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The Cambridge Companion to August Wilson
One of America's most powerful and original dramatists, August Wilson offered an alternative history of the twentieth century, as seen from the perspective of black Americans. He celebrated the lives of those seemingly pushed to the margins of national life, but who were simultaneously protagonists ..
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The Cambridge Guide to American Theatre
This new and updated encyclopedic guide, with over 2700 cross-referenced entries, covers all aspects of the American theatre from its earliest history to the present. Entries include people, venues and companies scattered through the USA, plays and musicals, and theatrical phenomena. Additionally, t..
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The Cambridge Companion to Eugene O'Neill
This is a volume of specially commissioned essays containing studies of Eugene O'Neill's life, his intellectual and creative forebears, and his relation to the theatrical world of his creative period, 1916–42. Also included are descriptions of the O'Neill canon and its production history on stage an..
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