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New Theatre Quarterly 61
New Theatre Quarterly provides a lively international forum where theatrical scholarship and practice can meet, and where prevailing dramatic assumptions can be subjected to vigorous critical questioning. It shows that theatre history has a contemporary relevance, that theatre studies need a methodo..
₦ 10,409
Drama and Religion
Themes in Drama is a journal which brings together articles and review about the dramatic and theatrical activity of a wide range of cultures and periods. The articles offer original contributions to their own specialised fields, but are presented in such a way that their significance may be readily..
₦ 13,916
Providing thorough coverage of the methods and tools required in studying historical and contemporary theatre, this introduction examines the complexities of a rapidly changing and dynamic discipline. Following a cross-cultural perspective, the book surveys the ways theatre and performance are studi..
₦ 10,728
The Theatre of García Lorca
The Theatre of García Lorca offers radical new readings of his major plays, drawing on cultural studies, women's and gay studies, psychoanalysis, and previously unexamined archival material. It provides fascinating historical accounts of productions in different times and places, from New York in th..
₦ 12,322
The Cambridge Guide to Asian Theatre
The first comprehensive and authoritative single-volume reference work on the theatre arts of Asia-Oceania. Nine expert scholars provide entries on performance in twenty countries from Pakistan in the west, through India and Southeast Asia to China, Japan and Korea in the east. An introductory pan-A..
₦ 14,234
An Introduction to Post-Colonial Theatre
In this book Brian Crow and Chris Banfield provide an introduction to post-colonial theatre by concentrating on the work of major dramatists from the Third World and subordinated cultures in the first world. Crow and Banfield consider the plays of such writers as Wole Soyinka and Athol Fugard and hi..
₦ 11,047
The Cambridge Paperback Guide to Theatre
This Guide is a concise reference to the theatre of the world, with entries on playwrights, actors, directors, critics and entertainers; on theatres, organizations and companies; on traditions, styles and genres of performance. Entries extend back to Sanskrit drama and the theatre of ancient Greece ..
₦ 14,234
The Cambridge Guide to Theatre
Substantially revised and updated for this new edition, this is the most comprehensive guide to the history and current practice of worldwide theatre available today: • Covers all major playwrights, works, traditions, theories, companies, venues and events • Details the origins of popular theatre tr..
₦ 18,062
Pioneer Players
This is a dual biography, the story of Louis Esson, the distinguished playwright who has been called 'the father of Australian drama', and his wife Hilda, who did her own pioneering in the theatre and in public health. The plays they wrote and performed reflected the drama of their lives: creative a..
₦ 14,872
New Theatre Quarterly 34
This is edition number 34 of the New Theatre Quarterly, which provides a lively international forum for discussion of topics of current interest in theatre studies, whether from the perspective of theory, methodology, philosophy or history...
₦ 10,409
Sport in Australian Drama
Nowadays sport is often seen as spontaneous, expressive and vital; theatre as artificial and predictable. It is only relatively recently however that they have bifurcated into two opposing forms of leisure. For years, the term sport and drama implied a natural affinity, with constant reference made ..
₦ 28,900
Beckett, Technology and the Body
Critics have often focused on interiority in Beckett's works, privileging the mind over the body. In this intriguing approach, the first sustained analysis of embodiment in Beckett's prose, drama and media works, Ulrika Maude argues that physical and sensory experience is in fact central to the unde..
₦ 13,597