British theatre

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The Royal Court Theatre and the Modern Stage
The Royal Court Theatre is one of the primary forums in the development of post-war drama. Under the title of the English Stage Company the theatre's house actors and dramatists commissioned and produced some of the most influential plays in modern theatre history, including the works of Brenton, Ch..
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The Cambridge Companion to Harold Pinter
Harold Pinter was one of the world's leading and most controversial writers, and his impact and influence continues to grow. This Companion examines the wide range of Pinter's work – his writing for theatre, radio, television and screen, and also his highly successful work as a director and actor. S..
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The Stuart Court Masque and Political Culture
Court masques were multi-media entertainments, with song, dance, theatre, and changeable scenery, staged annually at the English court to celebrate the Stuart dynasty. They have typically been regarded as frivolous and expensive entertainments. This book dispels this notion, emphasizing instead that..
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British Theatre in the 1890s
The final decade of the nineteenth century was one of the most exciting and productive in the history of the British theatre. In this fascinating collection, twelve leading scholars examine the playwrights, actors, designers and theatrical environment of the period. As well as shedding light on such..
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The Stage Designs of Inigo Jones
This lavishly illustrated book is a full-length study of Inigo Jones as a stage-designer. Jones's designs for the Stuart court masques (and associated court entertainments) between 1605 and 1640 played a crucial role in transmitting the visual language of the Italian Renaissance tradition into Engli..
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Shakespeare and the Victorian Stage
The contributions to this book constitute a concerted account of the place of Shakespeare in the Victorian theatre and the cultural life of the country in the nineteenth century. They explore the changing styles of acting and staging used for Shakespeare's plays by Macready, Charles Kean, the Irving..
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Shakespeare's Globe
From 1997 Shakespeare's Globe flourished once more on London's South Bank after an absence of 400 years. The playhouse is now a major attraction for theatregoers, scholars, tourists, teachers and students of all ages who come to experience Shakespeare's plays and those of his contemporaries performe..
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The Orient on the Victorian Stage
The Orient on the Victorian Stage examines the representation of the Middle East in a variety of nineteenth-century entertainment forms, such as panoramas, melodrama, pantomime, ballet and opera. Ziter argues that changes in stage craft reflected the emerging idea that the significance of objects wa..
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The Cambridge Companion to David Hare
David Hare is one of the most important playwrights to have emerged in the UK in the last forty years. This volume examines his stage plays, television plays and cinematic films, and is the first book of its kind to offer such comprehensive and up-to-date critical treatment. Contributions from leadi..
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The Cambridge Companion to British Theatre, 1730–1830
This Companion offers a wide-ranging and innovative guide to one of the most exciting and important periods in British theatrical history. The scope of the volume extends from the age of Garrick to the Romantic transformation of acting inaugurated by Edmund Kean. It brings together cutting-edge scho..
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Players of Shakespeare 6
This sixth volume of essays by members of the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre is the first to focus on a single group of Shakespeare's plays. To celebrate the arrival of the new millennium the RSC presented productions of all eight of the history plays of the first and second Lanc..
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Illegitimate Theatre in London, 1770–1840
Towards the end of the eighteenth century, a major transformation took place in British dramatic culture. At the heart of that transformation was the controversial emergence of an illegitimate theatre, and a cultural struggle between London's patent playhouses (Drury Lane, Covent Garden and the Haym..
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