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The Chekhov Theatre
This is the first cross-cultural study of Chekhov's plays in production. Many now consider Chekhov a playwright equal to Shakespeare, and this book studies how the reputation evolved, and how the presentation of his plays varied and altered from their initial productions in Russia to the most recent..
₦ 14,234
Secret Rites and Secret Writing
This book is a study of the various kinds of royalist writing during the period of the English Civil War and the Interregnum, when printing and publishing were largely controlled by Parliament. Lois Potter examines the effectiveness of this control and the means by which writers evaded it: illicit p..
₦ 12,003
Modernism to Realism on the Soviet Stage
This is the first book to deal with the work of three important Soivet theatre directors - Alexander Tairov, Evgeni Vakhtangov and Nikolai OkHlopkov - who, although familiar names in the West, are not often the subjects of full-length studies. The present one therefore sets out to introduce their wo..
₦ 12,322
Pierre Corneille
In this three-part study of the serious plays that Corneille wrote between 1630 and 1643, David Clarke first explores the Norman experience and identity of the dramatist himself. A second section reviews the principles and distinctiveness of his poetics in a period when literary activity, and partic..
₦ 13,916
The Edwardian Theatre
This book presents Edwardian entertainment and the Edwardian entertainment industry as parts of a vital, turbulent era whose preoccupations and paranoias echo those of our own day. Responding to recent shifts of attitude towards the Edwardians and their world, the essays in this collection take as t..
₦ 12,322
A History of Theatre in Africa
This book aims to offer a broad history of theatre in Africa. The roots of African theatre are ancient and complex and lie in areas of community festival, seasonal rhythm and religious ritual, as well as in the work of popular entertainers and storytellers. Since the 1950s, in a movement that has pa..
₦ 16,788
Ariane Mnouchkine and the Théâtre du Soleil
This is a full-length study of the renowned French theatre director Ariane Mnouchkine, and her company, the Théâtre du Soleil. Mnouchkine is recognized as one of the first women directors to achieve an international reputation and her productions, spanning from Shakespeare to contemporary drama, hav..
₦ 10,091
The Stanislavsky System of Acting
Konstantin Stanislavsky, the Russian director and actor and co-founder, in 1898, of the Moscow Art Theatre, was the originator of the most influential system of acting in the history of western theatre. Many of Stanislavsky's concepts are widespread in popular thought on acting; this 2008 book offer..
₦ 23,800
The Theatre of Suzuki Tadashi
Suzuki is Japan's best-known director. He has been internationally acclaimed for his postmodern adaptations of classics by Nanboku, Euripides, Shakespeare and Chekhov since the 1970s, including The Trojan Women, King Lear and Three Sisters and, equally, for his powerful actor training system, which ..
₦ 17,425
The Play out of Context
This is a volume of essays, which examines the relationship between the play and its historical and cultural contexts. Transferring plays from one period or one culture to another is so much more than translating the words from one language into another. The contributors vary their approaches to thi..
₦ 14,553
Strindberg and Modernist Theatre
Despite the profound influence exerted by August Strindberg on the development of modernist theatre and drama, the myth persisted that his plays - particularly such later works as A Dream Play, To Damascus, and The Ghost Sonata - are somehow 'unperformable'. Nothing could be farther from the truth, ..
₦ 12,959
The Russian Theatre after Stalin
This is the first book to explore the world of the theatre in Russia after Stalin. Through his work at the Moscow Art Theatre, Anatoly Smeliansky is in a key position to analyse contemporary events on the Russian stage and he combines this first-hand knowledge with valuable archival material, some p..
₦ 12,959