Renaissance and early modern literature

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Shakespeare and Experience of Love
A central assumption of this 1981 study is that Shakespeare's plays represent elemental truths of our emotional and spiritual life, that these truths help account for Shakespeare's enduring vitality, and that they deserve direct critical attention. By combining theological and psychoanalytical ideas..
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Ben Jonson
Since the Romantic period, Jonson has been an author more respected than read. Frequently compared with Shakespeare, he usually suffers unfairly from the comparison. In this book Anne Barton gives a reading of the plays which completely re-evaluates Jonson as a dramatist. Describing in detail his ex..
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Shakespeare and the Book
Shakespeare and the Book is a lively and learned account of Shakespeare's plays as they were transformed from scripts to be performed into books to be read, and eventually from popular entertainments into the centerpieces of the English literary canon. Kastan examines the motives and activities of S..
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The Cambridge Companion to Writing of the English Revolution
This collection of fifteen essays by leading scholars examines the extraordinary diversity and richness of the writing produced in response to, and as part of, the upheaval in the religious, political and cultural life of the nation which constituted the English Revolution. The turmoil of the civil ..
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John Donne's Poetry
In this 1975 text, Dr Sanders approaches John Donne, beginnings with his arresting voice; individual and often puzzling. He asks of the live poetry and religious poetry alike, where is Donne speaking his own voice, when is he adopting a persona, what is the effect of his irony? And, he goes on, what..
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Protestantism and Drama in Early Modern England
Containing detailed readings of plays by Shakespeare, Marlowe and Middleton, as well as poetry and prose, this book provides a major historical and critical reassessment of the relationship between early modern Protestantism and drama. Examining the complex and painful shift from late Medieval relig..
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British Identities and English Renaissance Literature
Though British history and identity in the early modern period are intensively researched areas, the role of literature in the construction of 'Britishness' is under-examined. English history of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries often overlooks the contribution of Ireland, Scotland and Wales t..
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Women and Race in Early Modern Texts
Joyce Green MacDonald discusses the links between women's racial, sexual, and civic identities in early modern texts. She examines the scarcity of African women in English plays of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the racial identity of the women in the drama and also that of the women who w..
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The Cambridge Companion to Spenser
The Cambridge Companion to Spenser provides an introduction to Spenser that is at once accessible and rigorous. Fourteen specially-commissioned essays by leading scholars bring together the best recent writing on the work of the most important non-dramatic Renaissance poet. The contributions provide..
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An Essay on King Lear
Professor Goldberg offers a reading of King Lear that avoids the pitfall alternatives of idealism, moralism, absurdism, and redemptionist sentimentality. He sees the play as a challenge to our moral sense and our need for a feeling of natural justice, but as undercutting all easy answers. That it do..
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John Milton: Introductions
At the head of the Cambridge Milton series stand two general books: John Milton: Introductions and Paradise Lost: Introduction. These set the tone for and give the background to the editions of individual books. John Broadbent and the contributors to the present volume provide original studies on di..
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The Ghosts of Hamlet
If the aim of criticism is, in Arnold's phrase, 'to see the object as in itself it really is', what 'is' Hamlet, when every age has seen the play quite differently? Despite certain notable accounts, there is no single reading that seems to have interpreted the play for our time. This book approaches..
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