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The Nonnë Prestes Tale
₦ 11,684
The First Quarto of King Lear
This edition of King Lear is based on the first (1608) quarto and represents a significantly different version from that published in the Folio of 1623, which forms the basis of the standard New Cambridge Shakespeare edition. Most scholars now believe that the quarto derives from what was probably S..
₦ 12,641
Selected Writings of Daniel Defoe
Paradoxically, Daniel Defoe is diminished by his popularity as the author of a handful of important novels, since the remainder of his voluminous writings suffer undue neglect. Fully to understand him he should be taken whole but his authorship of over 500 publications renders this feat well nigh im..
₦ 11,366
Sources of Dramatic Theory
This is the second volume in Sources of Dramatic Theory. This volume includes the major theoretical writing on drama and theatre from the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, focusing on issues that are still relevant to our understanding of drama and theatre. Among the writers represented by ..
₦ 12,322
English Political Writings 1711–1714
The years 1711 to 1714 saw some of Swift's most brilliant and powerful political pamphleteering. Writing for the Tory government, he did more to settle the fate of parties and the nation than any literary figure, before or since. This volume collects together major defences of the government's posit..
₦ 33,044
The Works of John Webster
This is the third and final volume of the Cambridge edition of the works of John Webster. It contains the final complete play in the edition, the City comedy Anything for a Quiet Life, as well as Webster's spectacular Lord Mayor's pageant Monuments of Honour and his Induction and additions to John M..
₦ 17,744
Originally published between 1995 and 2007, this set is now available in paperback for the first time. This three-volume critical edition of John Webster's works preserves the original spelling of his plays, poetry and prose, and incorporates the most recent editorial scholarship, including invaluab..
₦ 65,556
'Twixt Land and Sea
New texts of Joseph Conrad's modern classic 'The Secret Sharer' and of two other tales appear in this edition of 'Twixt Land and Sea with numerous words, sentences, and entire paragraphs restored from Conrad's manuscripts and typescripts. Written while he was working on Under Western Eyes, these sto..
₦ 38,781
Fitzgerald: The Beautiful and Damned
F. Scott Fitzgerald's second novel, The Beautiful and Damned (1922), was a pivotal book in his career. A trenchant satire of the Jazz Age, it is very much a novel of its times. This edition is based on the surviving manuscript, the serialized version from Metropolitan magazine, the Scribners 1922 fi..
₦ 24,119
A Personal Record
Serialized in Ford Madox Ford's English Review in 1908–9, A Personal Record (1912) both documents and fictionalizes Conrad's early life and the opening stages of his careers as a writer and as a seaman. It is also an artistic and political manifesto. This volume provides the most accurate and schola..
₦ 32,725
The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia
Feuillerat's edition of the complete works of Sir Philip Sidney in the series Cambridge English Classics has long been out of print. It has however been reissued with the omission of the poetical works. The prose works are divided among the four volumes as follows: volume 1, Arcadia, 1590; volume 2,..
₦ 15,509
The Letters of Samuel Beckett
The letters written by Samuel Beckett between 1929 and 1940 provide a vivid and personal view of Western Europe in the 1930s, and mark the gradual emergence of Beckett's unique voice and sensibility. The Cambridge University Press edition of The Letters of Samuel Beckett offers for the first time a ..
₦ 15,831