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Culture and Conduct in the Novels of Henry James
This book investigates Henry James' conception of civilisation as culture and the relationships of this conception to James' major works. As an American who lived most of his adult life in England, James brought to his fiction the strong moral commitment that characterised a Puritan New England past..
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American Puritan Imagination
Over the last two decades a major revaluation has been taking place of the colonial Puritan imagination. With the growth of interest in early American literature has come increasing recognition of its quality and a better understanding of its place in the continuity of American culture. However, muc..
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Nineteenth-Century American Fiction on Screen
The process of translating works of literature to the silver screen is a rich field of study for both students and scholars of literature and cinema. The fourteen essays collected here provide an up-to-date survey of the important films based on, or inspired by, nineteenth-century American fiction, ..
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Twentieth-Century American Fiction on Screen
The essays in this collection analyse major film adaptations of twentieth-century American fiction, from F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Last Tycoon to Toni Morrison's Beloved. During the century, films based on American literature came to play a central role in the history of the American cinema. Combini..
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The Spectator and the City in Nineteenth Century American Literature
In this 1991 publication, Brand traces the origin of the flaneur, a detached, casual, and powerful urban spectator, who regards the metropolis as an entertaining spectacle and text, of seventeenth-century English literature. He then discusses the development of the English language tradition of the ..
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The Cambridge Companion to Robert Frost
This collection of specially-commissioned essays by experts in the field explores key dimensions of Robert Frost's poetry and life. Frost remains one of the most memorable and beguiling of modern poets. Writing in the tradition of Virgil, Milton, and Wordsworth, he transformed pastoral and georgic p..
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The Interpretation of Material Shapes in Puritanism
The Interpretation of Material Shapes in Puritanism overturns many of our long-held assumptions about the social and artistic values of Protestantism. Dr Ann Kibbey offers a detailed analysis of the rhetoric of the Puritan plain style, centring her argument on the influential preacher John Cotton an..
₦ 11,047
Cotton Mather and Benjamin Franklin
It might seem difficult to find more disparate personalities than Cotton Mather, the alternately tortured and punishing epitome of American Puritanism and Benjamin Franklin, the liberal and affable American philosopher. This opposition is not an objective historical judgement but what Franklin himse..
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New England's Crises and Cultural Memory
In this magisterial study, John McWilliams traces the development of New England's influential cultural identity. Through written responses to historical crises from early New England through the pre-Civil War period, McWilliams argues that the meaning of 'New England' despite claims for its consist..
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The Cambridge Companion to Kate Chopin
Although she enjoyed only modest success during her lifetime, Kate Chopin is now recognised as a unique voice in American literature. Her seminal novel, The Awakening, published in 1899, explored new and startling territory, and stunned readers with its frank depiction of the limits of marriage and ..
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Culture, Technology, and the Creation of America's National Parks
Richard Grusin's study investigates how the establishment of national parks participated in the production of American national identity after the Civil War. The creation of America's national parks is usually seen as an uncomplicated act of environmental preservation. Grusin argues, instead, that p..
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The Poetry of Marianne Moore
This book traces the development of Marianne Moore's poetry throughout her sixty-year career as one of America's finest poets. Margaret Holley examines changes in Moore's approach to moral and artistic values, and discusses how language and form were distinctive in each of the poet's major phases. T..
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