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This is a selection of wartime letters of Dick and Tally Simpson of South Carolina from their service in the Civil War on the Confederate side -- Tally was killed and Dick survived the war. Readership: History courses, students, and those interested in the American Civil War...
₦ 19,890
The condemnation of Modernism by Pope Pius X in 1907 shook Roman Catholic theology to its foundations, and the reverberations of that shock continue to unsettle Catholicism. Foremost among those implicated was the Jesuit George Tyrrell, who had already been dismissed from his Order and was subsequen..
₦ 30,090
Orientalist Jones': Sir William Jones, Poet, Lawyer, and Linguist, 1746-1794 (Hardcover)
A major new critical biography of the foremost Orientalist of the eighteenth century and one of the greatest intellectual navigators of all time Shows how Jones's work led to an Oriental renaissance in the West and cultural revolution in India Includes unpublished poems, newly discovered letters..
₦ 16,150
Tchaikovsky dedicated his original and emotionally vibrant Fourth Symphony to his newly found correspondent Nadezhda von Meck in this way: `To my best friend'. This correspondence started at the end of 1876, when Tchaikovsky was in need of funds. On the recommendation of Nikolai Rubinstein, Director..
₦ 38,590
A Bad Woman's Story: A Translation of Buri Aurat ki Katha (Hardcover)
This book is Kishwar Naheed's response to those who are quick to label a woman as bad. It is a searing indictment of a society that uses custom, religion and even brute force to keep women down. She hits out hard and fearlessly at social and political injustices and at the materialism and sham relig..
₦ 9,347
A Conspiracy So Immense: The World of Joe McCarthy (Paperback)
A masterful biography of Senator Joe McCarthy with new material (either foreword or afterword)...
₦ 9,010
This book is a collection of letters from James B. Griffin, a wealthy planter from Edgfield, South Carolina. With a strong introduction from the editors, this book recounts an officer's Civil War and provides a social and military history. Readership: Those interested in American history and ci..
₦ 16,660
A Gentleman of Color: The Life of James Forten (Paperback)
The first biography of the founder of the most important African-American families in 19th-century America and one of the century's most highly-regarded and influential menWinch has written the first full-length biography of James Forten, a hero of African American history and one of the most remark..
₦ 8,330
Eliza Potter's 1859 autobiography expresses her indignation, abolitionist sentiments, fiery temper, and sheer joy of life as she reveals the private selves of the white women whose heads she `combed'. As an insider on the margins, her identity provides a unique vantage point for her story and that o..
₦ 13,770
Pierre de la Palud was a friar of aristocratic birth who was appointed Patriarch of Jerusalem in 1329. This biography follows the course of his eventful life, and exploits his copious writings to build up a vivid picture of the man and the world he inhabited. Lawyer, advocate, preacher, reformer, th..
₦ 31,110
A Life in Ragtime: A Biography of James Reese Europe (Hardcover)
James Reese Europe is one of the most important transitional figures in American music. As a composer and band leader at the height of ragtime, he had a strong influence on the first generation of jazz musicians who were to follow. Europe's life reveals much about the role of black musicians in Amer..
₦ 13,427
In 1919, the world stood at the threshold of the Jazz Age. The man who had ushered it there, however, lay murdered - and would soon plunge from international fame to historical obscurity. It was a fate few would have predicted for James Reese Europe; he was then at the pinnacle of his career as a co..
₦ 9,010