English literature 1700-1830

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Scott and Society
This book has two main related purposes. The first is to provide a fresh and thoroughly documented study of elements of the background to Scott's life and art that have often been overlooked or taken for granted. The second is to use this background to sketch an artistic development in the novels...
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The Letters and Works of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu 2 Volume Set
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Cowper's 'Task'
William Cowper (1731–1800) is one of the most interesting of late eighteenth-century poets. His poetry is notable as heralding a simpler and more natural style than the classical style of Pope and his imitators, and thus prefiguring the profound innovations of Romanticism. Though Cowper himself has ..
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The Crisis of Literature in the 1790s
This book offers an original study of the debates which arose in the 1790s about the nature and social role of literature. Paul Keen shows how these debates were situated at the intersection of the French Revolution and a more gradual revolution in information and literacy reflecting the aspirations..
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The Poet and his Audience
How far, and in what respects, is a poet's work influenced by the kind of audience for which he writes? The question is crucial to our understanding of how great poems came to be written, yet it has rarely been addressed in a systematic study. In this fascinating and illuminating book Ian Jack has c..
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The Age of Elizabeth in the Age of Johnson
Jack Lynch explores eighteenth-century British conceptions of the Renaissance, and the historical, intellectual, and cultural uses to which the past was put. He argues that scholars, editors, historians, religious thinkers, linguists, and literary critics defined themselves in relation to "the last ..
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Recreating Jane Austen
Recreating Jane Austen is a book for readers who know and love Austen's work. Stimulated by the recent crop of film and television versions of Austen's novels, John Wiltshire examines how they have been transposed and 'recreated' in another age and medium. Wiltshire illuminates the process of 'recre..
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The Poetics of Spice
This book considers the literary and cultural significance of spice, and the spice trade, in Romantic literature, shedding new light on the impact of consumerism and capitalist ideology on writers of the period. Timothy Morton demonstrates how the emerging consumer culture was characterized by an or..
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Blake, Sexuality and Bourgeois Politeness
Recent criticism has often overlooked William Blake's relationship to the bourgeois culture of sentimentalism, focusing instead on his association with the radical London underworld of revolutionaries, artisans and plebeian dissenters. By removing Blake from their company and reading him instead thr..
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Sources, Processes and Methods in Coleridge's 'Biographia Literaria'
The Biographia Literaria has long been recognised as one of the central prose texts of the Romantic period, both for its value as a piece of elevated prose writing and for the insights into poetry, criticism and the faculties of the mind that it offers. It seeks to reunify philosophical thought and ..
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A genre of supernatural fiction was among the more improbable products of the Age of Enlightenment. This book charts the troubled entry of the supernatural into fiction, and questions the historical reasons for its growing popularity in the late eighteenth century. Beginning with the notorious case ..
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Jane Austen and the Fiction of her Time
This book presents Jane Austen as a radical innovator. It explores the nature of her confrontation with the popular novelists of her time, and demonstrates how her challenge to them transformed fiction. Mary Waldron shows how Austen's novels exemplify the strong skepticism about contemporary notions..
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