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The French Romantics
This collaborative, two-volume work offers a full survey of the French Romantics as a whole, and seeks to reassess their collective achievement and continuing value. The movement they created is considered within the broad terms of intellectual and cultural history as well as of literary criticism. ..
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Brecht's Poetry of Political Exile
Bertolt Brecht, one of the most influential European playwrights of the twentieth century, was also a poet of distinction. Brecht's Poetry of Political Exile, first published in 2000, was the first comprehensive study devoted to his most important collection of political poetry, the Svendborg Poems...
₦ 12,003
The Novels of Julio Cortazar
Julio Cortázar is one of the best-known successful Latin American writers. His work has been widely translated and this 1980 book is a clear and detailed study of his four major novels. Steven Boldy recognises the complexity, the 'nerve centres of contradiction and tension' of Cortázar's novels, whi..
₦ 10,728
Spanish and English Literature of the 16th and 17th Centuries
Edward M. Wilson's reputation as a scholar of Calderón, and of classical Spanish literature in general, is almost unrivalled. He was also an expert in English works of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and in the popular literature of both languages. These essays, written at various stages of ..
₦ 11,684
Boileau and the Nature of Neoclassicism
Boileau has traditionally been regarded as the spokesman of French neo-classicism, but some elements of scholarship have discounted the importance of neo-classical doctrine in general and of Boileau's particular contribution to it. Many critical approaches have stressed instead the liveliness and wi..
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Human Vices and Human Worth in Dante's Comedy
Patrick Boyde brings Dante's thought and poetry into focus for the modern reader by restoring the Comedy to its intellectual and literary context in 1300. He begins by describing the authorities that Dante acknowledged in the field of ethics and the modes of thought he shared with the great thinkers..
₦ 13,916
The Baroque Narrative of Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora
Carlos de Sigüenza y Gongora, one of seventeenth-century Mexico's best-known intellectuals, was a writer of fascinating and complex narratives that exemplify the heterogeneous nature of colonial Spanish American prose. This book, first published in 1993, was the first critical study to place both th..
₦ 11,366
The Literature of Misogyny in Medieval Spain
The Literature of Misogyny in Medieval Spain was originally published in 1997. It examines the medical underpinnings of two major misogynist works from fifteenth-century Iberia: Alonso de Martínez's Arcipreste de Talavera and Jacme Roig's Spill. Michael Solomon argues that these works gain their per..
₦ 11,366
The Cambridge Companion to Proust
The Cambridge Companion to Proust aims to provide a broad account of the major features of Marcel Proust's great work A la recherche du temps perdu (1913–1927). The specially commissioned essays, by acknowledged experts on Proust, address a wide range of issues relating to his work. Progressing from..
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Proust's Additions
It has previously not been feasible to study in depth the expansion of Proust's famous novel, A la recherche du temps perdu. In 1913, the novel was to be 1500 pages; by 1922, when Proust died, it was 3000. How did it grow to such proportions? Which characters were always there - which ones sprang fr..
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Anthologie des Conteurs du Dix-neuvieme Siecle
This book was originally published in 1951. Its author, F. C. Green, here provides an engaging anthology of nineteenth-century French short stories by a number of talented and often eminent writers. Within this volume, Green has reprinted short stories by Mérimée, de Blazac, de Bigny, Nodier, de Ner..
₦ 8,816
The Romance of the Rose and its Medieval Readers
The Romance of the Rose was one of the most important works of medieval vernacular literature. It was composed in the thirteenth century and exerted a profound influence on literature in France, England, the Netherlands and Italy for the next 200 years. In this book, Sylvia Huot investigates how med..
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