Printing and publishing history

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The Theory and Practice of Text-Editing
The modern published editions in which we read the great literary works of the distant and recent past almost invariably embody the work of a textual editor. Recent literary theory has called into question most of the assumptions on which the practice of textual editing has historically depended. No..
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Memoirs and Recollections of the Late Abraham Raimbach, Esq., Engraver
₦ 12,641
A Tally of Types
The Tally of Types was first circulated in a privately printed edition in 1953, achieving a fame and influence wholly disproportionate to the comparatively small number of copies in existence. In 1973 Cambridge University Press published a version edited and expanded by Brooke Crutchley and others, ..
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In 1809, Thomas Frognall Dibdin (1776–1847) published the first edition of Bibliomania, focussing on the contemporary craze for book collecting. Introduced in English at the end of the eighteenth century, the term 'bibliomania' - or 'book-madness' - gained popularity with the publication of Dibdin's..
₦ 9,453
A Century of the English Book Trade
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English Binding Before 1500
Originally published in 1929, and based on The Sandars Lectures for 1927, this volume provides a historical study of English binding. The text is divided into two main sections: the first covers the period up until 1300; the second focuses on Gothic bindings creates between 1450 and 1500. A generous..
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Printers, Stationers and Bookbinders of London and Westminster in the Fifteenth Century
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Serial Publication in England before 1750
This 1957 text was the first thorough account of the serial publication of books in the eighteenth century. Professor Wiles shows how, first by serialization in newspapers and then by releasing instalments of a work in progress in small packets of sheets stitched in blue paper and delivered regularl..
₦ 12,003
Originally published in 1928, this small volume offers a summary look at three different items - the emblem, the arms and the motto - that have long been associated with the University of Cambridge. The book contains a variety of illustrative details showing the Cambridge emblem and its arms, and co..
₦ 8,178
Milestones in Colour Printing 1457–1859
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Annals of a Publishing House
Margaret Oliphant (1828–1897) is best known as the author of nearly one hundred novels, but also wrote short stories and biographies. Closely connected with Blackwoods of Edinburgh from 1851, shortly before her death she was commissioned to write a history of the publishing firm by director William ..
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Early Bible Illustrations
Mr Strachan was asked if he could identify or explain the illustrations in an edition of the English Great Bible of 1541. Some were simple, others quite baffling. He set out to discover their meaning and history, and succeeded in tracing their derivation. At each stage a possible influence or explan..
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