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A History of the German Novelle
This is a critical account of one of the most individual and highly developed genres in German literature. The novella may be defined as a narrative in prose, usually short, dealing with one striking fateful event and distinguished by careful artistry of presentation. The book begins by analyzing th..
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The Early History of Greed
The history of avarice as the deadliest vice in western Europe has been said to begin in earnest only with the rise of capitalism or, earlier, the rise of a money economy. In this first full-length study of the early history of greed, Richard Newhauser shows that avaritia, the sin of greed for posse..
₦ 15,831
Corneille and Racine
Corneille and Racine may seem like marble monuments of an unchanging typical classicism. Mr Pocock is concerned to show that each of these great dramatists was a living writer, struggling to create developing forms and that the rules of neo-classical decorum were a strait-jacket to them. We can see ..
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Jaroslav Hasek
This 1982 book was the first major critical study of Jaroslav Hašek and his most important literary creation, The Good Soldier Švejk. For many people Hašek's book is simply extremely funny. Cecil Parrott begins from the point of view that a closer examination of the conditions under which the book w..
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Injustice to Tou O (Tou O Yüan)
A study and translation of Tou O Yüan, a traditional Chinese drama by Kuan Hanch'ing, the leading playwright of the Yüan period (1279–1368). In her very full introduction Professor Shih discusses the literary and historical background to the play - the language and conventions of Yüan drama and its ..
₦ 23,162
This 1973 text provides a critical introduction to the writings of Franz Kafka. Within it Ronald Gray surveys the novels and short stories, and glances also at the religious or confessional writings. He presents a persuasive and coherent account of Kafka's personal and artistic development and its m..
₦ 11,366
The Rise of the Russian Novel
This introduction to the study of the Russian novel demonstrates how the form evolved from imitative beginnings to the point in the 1860s when it reached maturity and established itself as part of the European tradition. Professor Freeborn considers selected novels by Pushkin, Lermontov, Gogol, Dost..
₦ 11,047
Ariel is a long essay by the Uruguayan critic José Enrique Rodó (1871–1917). It is an attempt to formulate a characteristic Latin American spirit; it emphasizes spiritual values as against exclusively materialist progress. When it was first published in 1900 it provoked a wide response from the yout..
₦ 9,453
This is a critical introduction to the novels and short stories of Tolstoy, treating them in their own right as works of literature, not as biographical evidence or contributions to a philosophical system. The heart of the book, inevitably, is in the two long chapters which examine War and Peace and..
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Moorish Poetry
First published by Cambridge in 1953, this book is an English translation of The Pennants, an anthology of Arabic poetry compiled in 1243 by Ibn Sa'id al Andalusi, a native of Alcalá la Real in then Moorish southern Spain. The text is arranged geographically and falls into two main divisions, the fi..
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A Literary History of the Arabs
The Arabs during a thousand years or more produced one of the richest and most extensive literatures of the world, embracing fine poetry (of the fierce desert life equally with the sophistication of royal courts), belles lettres (learned essays, satires, de arte amoris), religious, mystical and phil..
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Johann Nepomuk Nestroy (1801–1862), for a quarter of a century the dominant actor on the popular Viennese stage, was the author of over eighty dramatic works, all but one of them comedies in the local Viennese tradition. It was only in the twentieth century that Nestroy's influence, above all as a s..
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