Literary theory

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Nationalism and Cultural Practice in the Postcolonial World
In this wide-ranging study, Neil Lazarus explores the subject of cultural practice in the modern world system. The book contains individual chapters on a range of topics from modernity, globalization and the 'West', and nationalism and decolonization, to cricket and popular consciousness in the Engl..
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Narrative and Structure
John Holloway is probably best known for his work on Shakespeare and on the Victorian and modern periods; this 1979 book represents an extension of his interests hitherto. Though not intended as mathematical analyses of fiction or drama, the essays here have evolved largely by allowing broad mathema..
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Q. D. Leavis: Collected Essays
This third volume of Q. D. Leavis's essays brings together pieces on hitherto unexplored aspects of Victorian literature. Most of these date from towards the end of her life and are previously unpublished. There are also essays and reviews which appeared originally in Scrutiny. Mrs Leavis focuses on..
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A Selection from Scrutiny 2 Volume Paperback Set
Dr Leavis's Selection from Scrutiny gives in two volumes important material which is not easily available elsewhere...
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The Practice of Criticism
Many people associate 'practical criticism' with a short-sighted brand of literary analysis which kills a student's interest in literature by drilling him to concentrate narrowly on verbal detail. Handled properly, however, practical criticism can play a vital part in a literature course, especially..
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The Cambridge Introduction to Walter Benjamin
For students of modern criticism and theory, Walter Benjamin's writings have become essential reading. His analyses of photography, film, language, history, allegory, material culture, the poet Charles Baudelaire, and his vast examination of the social, political and historical significance of the A..
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A History of Feminist Literary Criticism
Feminism has transformed the academic study of literature, fundamentally altering the canon of what is taught and setting new agendas for literary analysis. In this authoritative history of feminist literary criticism, leading scholars chart the development of the practice from the middle ages to th..
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A Selection from Scrutiny
Volume 2 of A Selection from Scrutiny opens with Mrs Leavis's much quoted studies, which together form 'A Critical Theory of Jane Austen's Writings'. There follows a section of reviews of novelists (Dorothy Richardson, Gissing, Hemingway, Virginia Woolf, Henry James), and Mrs Leavis's study of Edith..
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Islam and Postcolonial Narrative
In Islam and Postcolonial Narrative, John Erickson examines four major authors from the 'third world' - Assia Djebar, Adelkebir Khatibi, Tahar ben Jelloun and Salman Rushdie - all of whom have engaged in a critique of the relationship between Islam and the West. Erickson analyses the narrative strat..
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The Cambridge Introduction to Michel Foucault
French philosopher and historian Michel Foucault is essential reading for students in departments of literature, history, sociology and cultural studies. His work on the institutions of mental health and medicine, the history of systems of knowledge, literature and literary theory, criminality and t..
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The Poetics of Personification
Literary personification has long been taken for granted as an important aspect of Western narrative; Paul de Man has given it still greater prominence as 'the master trope of poetic discourse'. James Paxson here offers a much-needed critical and theoretical appraisal of personification in the light..
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Q. D. Leavis was one of the finest critics of the novel. Her published essays appeared as articles and reviews of remarkable trenchancy in Scrutiny (of which she was effectively co-editor with her husband F. R. Leavis), or as lectures or introductions to editions of classics novels. They are here co..
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