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Prunty's book is a reading of contemporary American poets using the phenomenological approaches of Heidegger and Husserl. His argument, begun with the reading of the work of Robert Lowell, is that contemporary poets, unlike their modernist predecessors, have adopted a sceptical stance and expressed ..
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The third volume of Auden Studeis presents Auden in maturity, and includes a large amount of previously unpublished prose by him. The book concentrates on the relatively unexplored area of Auden's post-1940 writings, and the letters, essay, and lectures printed here demonstrate the Goethean scope of..
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As Mark Twain, Samuel Clemens became one of America's first modern celebrities, successfully straddling the conflicts between culture and commerce. Twain manipulated the cultural outlets of his day, not only through publication of his diverse novels, but through newspapers, magazines, book reviews, ..
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Original research on Herrick's use of manuscript and print publications Analyzes the musical contexts for reading Herrick's work Close readings of classical allusions from Latin and Greek sources freely quoting and translating from the original sources Bibliography details the most influential..
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Paradise Lost and the Romantic Reader (Hardcover)
Was Milton on the side of the angels or the devils? Was he republican or anti-republican, feminist or misogynist? Did he value innocence or experience?Lucy Newlyn shows how the Romantic reader responds, in complex and often paradoxical ways, to multiple ambiguities inherent in the very language of P..
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Features close readings and substantial contextual analysis of canonical Joycean and Flaubertian texts Examines key manuscript and bibliographical sources Chronological structure highlights the ways in which Joyce's relationship to Flaubert evolved over the course of his writing career'Strandent..
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This is the first volume in a new series on the work of the poet W. H. Auden. The volume contains a large amount of Unpublished material by Auden, notably six poems written in German in the early 1930s, translated here by the poet and scholar David Constantine, as well as the complete version of the..
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Nelson provides a study of the ways in which Anglo-American authors constructed "race" in their works from the time of the first British colonists through the period of the Civil War. She focuses on some eleven texts, ranging from widely-known to little-considered, that deal with the relations among..
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Nelson provides a study of the ways in which white American authors constructed `race' in their works from the time of the first colonists up to the period of the Civil War. She focuses on some eleven texts, including The Last of the Mohicans, Melville's Benito Cereno, and Harriet Jacobs's Incident ..
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Tis Pity She's a Whore and Other Plays: The Lover's Melancholy; The Broken Heart; 'Tis Pity She's a Whore; Perkin Warbeck (Oxford World's Classics) (Paperback)
The only collection of Ford's key playsFord wrote darkly about sexual and political passion, despair, thwarted ambition, and incest. This selection also shows his ability to portray the poignancy of love as well as write entertaining comedy and create convincing roles for women. His Annabella, Hippo..
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Anonymous characters -- such as Lot's wife, Jephthah's daughter, Pharoah's baker, and the witch of Endor -- are ubiquitous in the Hebrew Bible, and appear in a wide variety of roles. Adele Reinhartz here answers two principal questions concerning this aspect of biblical narrative. First, is there a ..
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The Penitence of Nasooh and The Story of Nazir Ahmad in His Words and Mine (Classics from South Asia and the Near East) (Paperback)
The first book is a translation of the Urdu classic Taubatun Nasooh. The writer, Nazir Ahmad, was the author of the first Urdu novel, Mirat ul Uroos. The second book, written by Mirza Farhatullah Beg, is a biographical account of Nazir Ahmad, the author of The Penitence of Nasooh. Readership: S..
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