Archaeological theory and methods

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Archaeology, Society and Identity in Modern Japan
This bold and illuminating 2006 study examines the role of archaeology in the formation of the modern Japanese nation and explores the processes by which archaeological practice is shaped by national social and intellectual discourse. Leading Japanese archaeologist Koji Mizoguchi argues that an unde..
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Recent symbolic and social analyses have drawn much attention to the role of material culture in human society, emphasising the representational and ideological aspects of the material world. These studies have, nonetheless, often overlooked how the very physicality of material culture and our mater..
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The Care of Ancient Monuments
The eminent art historian Gerard Baldwin Brown (1849–1932) held, for fifty years, the first Chair in the History of Art in Britain at the University of Edinburgh. He published on a wide range of art and architecture; his major work was the six-volume Arts in Early England (1903–1937). His interest i..
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An Account of Some Recent Discoveries in Hieroglyphical Literature and Egyptian Antiquities
Thomas Young (1773–1829) was an English physician who was one of the first modern scholars to attempt to decipher ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. This book, first published in 1823, provides a summary of Young's hieroglyphic research, which he believed Champollion had used without acknowledgement in h..
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Archaeological Excavation
J. P. Droop (1882–1963) was a classical field archaeologist. After graduating from Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1904 he worked as a field archaeologist for the British School at Athens, and was appointed Chair of Classical Archaeology at Liverpool University in 1914. This volume was intended as a ..
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Marxist Perspectives in Archaeology
Marxist theory has been an undercurrent in western social science since the late nineteenth century. It came into prominence in the social sciences in the 1960s and 1970s and has had a profound effect on history, sociology and anthropology. This book represents an attempt to gather together Marxist ..
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Peer Polity Interaction and Socio-political Change
Thirteen leading archaeologists have contributed to this innovative study of the socio-political processes - notably imitation, competition, warfare, and the exchange of material goods and information - that can be observed within early complex societies, particularly those just emerging into stateh..
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Quantifying Diversity in Archaeology
One of the enduring aims of archaeological research has been to explain why human material culture is so diverse, both across the world and through history. Recognising that diversity exists is not, however, to explain it nor to measure it effectively. The aim of the contributors to Quantifying Dive..
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Artefacts as Categories
The aim of Artefacts as Categories is to ask what we can learn about a society from the variability of the objects it produces. Dr Miller presents a comprehensive analysis of the pottery produced in a single village in central India, drawing together and analysing a whole range of aspects - technolo..
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Archaeology, Annales, and Ethnohistory
This collection considers the relevance of the Annales 'school' for archaeology. The Annales movement regarded orthodox history as too much concerned with events, too narrowly political, too narrative in form and too isolated from neighbouring disciplines. Annalistes attempted to construct a 'total'..
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Archaeology as Long-Term History
In marked contrast with the anthropological and cross-cultural approaches that featured so prominently in archaeological research this contributory volume emphasises the archaeological significance of historical method and philosophy. Drawing particularly on the work of R. G. Collingwood, the contri..
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The Birth of Prehistoric Chronology
The development of European archaeology as a scholarly discipline in the nineteenth century was closely connected with the appearance of systematic methods for dating archaeological materials and these methods evolved largely in Scandinavia. Professor Gräslund's book is the first in-depth study of w..
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