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Archaelogical Chemistry #968: Analytical Techniques and Archaeological Interpretation (ACS Symposium) (Hardcover)
Archaeologists, historians, chemists, and physicists have employed a variety of chemical and physical approaches to study artifacts and historical objects since at least the late 18th century. During the past 50 years, the chemistry of archaeological materials has increasingly been used to address a..
₦ 43,350
Archaeological Chemistry: Materials, Methods, and Meaning (ACS Symposium) (Hardcover)
This book provides examples of analytical methods in a variety of archaeological materials. It presents analytical techniques that incur no visible destruction of the artifact under examination. Using patterns in the analytical data derived from a wide variety of analytical methods, different compon..
₦ 39,610
Lavishly illustratedThese fifteen papers explore the ways in which recent developments in imaging, image analysis, and image display and diffusion can be applied to objects of material culture in order to enhance historians' understanding of the period from which the objects came (in this case, the ..
₦ 16,150
In order to make the contents of the British Academy's Proceedings more accessible to readers, the following changes have been made:The large annual volumes have been replaced by an irregular series of slimmer volumes, published about three times a year, with most of the volumes containing papers de..
₦ 22,950
Soils in Archaeological Research (Hardcover)
Soils, invaluable indicators of the nature and history of the physical and human landscape, have strongly influenced the cultural record left to archaeologists. Not only are they primary reservoirs for artifacts, they often encase entire sites. And soil-forming processes in themselves are an importa..
₦ 34,170
The Oxford Handbook of Archaeology (Handbooks in Archaeology) (Hardcover)
World coverage of the discipline by leading expert authors Includes regional overviews of key regions of the world Provides essential starting points for more specialist work, as well as a conspectus for general readers Ranges across the history of archaeology, archaeological science, and ethi..
₦ 35,870
Diverse contributions in the field of public archaeology from a variety of international contributors. An important source of debate and point of reference for seminar-based teaching and self-guided learning. Divided into four clear sections ranging from archaeological heritage and museum studie..
₦ 36,550
Uncovering the Past: A History of Archaeology (Paperback)
When one hears the words "archaeology" or "archaeologist," often what comes to mind is an image of a romantic figure: Indiana Jones exploring exotic places in search of treasure and adventure. Indeed, novels, movies, and many popular accounts of archaeological discoveries have made this concept wide..
₦ 9,350
Fully illustrated throughout, including maps of the various sites discussed. Extensive bibliography and cross references. Includes practical (survey, excavation, scientific analyses, preservation, and conservation) as well as theoretical approaches of research within the discipline.Despite being..
₦ 36,550