Greek & Roman Archaeology

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The Lexicon of Greek Personal Names, a major project of the British Academy, offers scholars a fully documented listing of all known personal names from the ancient Greek world. It draws on all the available evidence, primarily inscriptions but also literature, papyri, coins, vases and other artefac..
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Accessible to a broad audience beyond archaeology through its use of literatures across disciplines. Integration of theory, method, and data in case studies. Provides and reviews latest views on network analysis within the context of existing archaeological approaches. Illustrated with figures..
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An Inventory of Archaic and Classical Poleis: An Investigation Conducted by The Copenhagen Polis Centre for the Danish National Research Foundation (Hardcover)
The first ever fully documented study of all the identifiable Greek city states of the Archaic and Classical periods Analyses the Greeks' own view of what constituted a polisThis is the first ever documented study of the 1,035 identifiable Greek city states (poleis) of the Archaic and Classical pe..
₦ 83,130
Ancestor Masks and Aristocratic Power in Roman Culture (Hardcover)
In the first comprehensive study of Roman ancestor masks in English, Harriet Flower explains the reasons behind the use of wax masks in the commemoration of politically prominent family members by the elite society of Rome. Broadening her approach from the purely art historical, Flower traces the fu..
₦ 35,530
Ancient Archives and Archival Traditions: Concepts of Record-Keeping in the Ancient World (Oxford Studies in Ancient Documents) (Hardcover)
Systematic approach to ancient archival documents Interdisciplinary researchOur oldest archival records originate from the Near East. Systems of archival record-keeping developed over several millennia in Mesopotamia before spreading to Egypt, the Mycenean world, and the Persian empire, and contin..
₦ 39,950
Athenian Myths and Festivals: Aglauros, Erechtheus, Plynteria, Panathenaia, Dionysia (Hardcover)
The last work by one of the great authorities on the practices of ancient Athenian religion Includes topics, such as the Parthenon frieze, which are of wide interest Reconstructs several of the important Athenian festivals, to underpin the argumentMoving out from a particular problem about a par..
₦ 29,750
Attic Script: A Survey (Oxford Monographs on Classical Archaeology) (Hardcover)
The aim of this study is to place the inscriptions found on Athenian vases in the context of the early development of writing in Athens from the time of the invention of the alphabet in the eighth century BC to the early fourth, when the local alphabet had been supplanted by the common Ionic script...
₦ 65,110
Brickstamps of Constantinople: Two Volumes (Oxford Monographs on Classical Archaeology) (v. 1 & 2) (Hardcover)
A standard reference work unlikely to be superseded The first complete catalogue of the brickstamps Generous number of illustrationsBrickstamps of Constantinople provides archaeologists and historians with the first major catalogue and analysis of stamped bricks manufactured in Constantinople an..
₦ 160,310
Classical Mythology: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) (Paperback)
Classical myths are a subject of enduring fascination, widely evoked and re-told in both high art and popular culture. A lively and wide-ranging exploration, placing the emphasis on understanding the myths rather than simply retelling them. Examines topics ranging from classical literature to co..
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Extends an appreciation of Olbia's rich archaeological heritage to an English-speaking readershipThe study of Olbia has always been set apart through the outstanding results of its excavations and the splendour of individual finds there. This volume focuses on the interaction of the city of Olbia an..
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This book opens up a neglected chapter in the reception of Athenian drama, especially comedy; and it gives stage-centre to a particularly attractive and entertaining series of vase-paintings, which have been generally regarded as marginal curiosities. These are the so-called `phlyax vases', nearly a..
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