Prehistoric Archaeology

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A World History of Nineteenth-Century Archaeology: Nationalism, Colonialism, and the Past (Osharc Oxford Studies in the) (Hardcover)
The first comprehensive history of archaeology during the nineteenth century, covering all areas of the world Enhances understanding of the contextualization of archaeology as a social discipline, a current `hot topic' Pays particular attention to the political ideologies of nationalism and impe..
₦ 36,550
An Archaeology of the Senses: Prehistoric Malta (Hardcover)
Explains and focuses on the up and coming field of sensual culture studies Introduces the ancient material record in prehistoric Malta - a little known and studied area Articulates complex theoretical ideas into a very coherent frameworkDespite the fundamental importance of the senses in human e..
₦ 29,750
Contains key papers by leading specialists. Comprehensive introduction outlining the development/ theoretical perspectives and methodologies of first millennium studies across Europe. International coverage and contributions.European first millennium BC studies have witnessed an increasing theor..
₦ 36,550
Catalogue of Cycladic Antiquities in the Ashmolean Museum: The Captive Spirit 2-vol set (Hardcover)
Amongst the best and most representative collections of Bronze Age Cycladic art outside Greece The first comprehensive, fully illustrated account of the contents of this internationally significant collectionThe Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, contains one of the best and most representative collections..
₦ 101,830
Concise Oxford Dictionary of Archaeology (Oxford Paperback Reference) (Paperback)
Over 4,000 entries, 150 new to this edition Revised and fully updated A-Z guide to all aspects of archaeology Recommended up-to-date web links for over 100 entries, accessible via the companion website Covers key archaeological sites around the world, with special focus on Europe, the Old Worl..
₦ 7,987
Druids: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) (Paperback)
Examines the origins of the Druids and the evidence for their beliefs and practices, in particular asking what can and can't be known about them Explains how the nature of the Druid caste changed quite dramatically over time Considers current revivals of Druidism and analyzes different attitudes..
₦ 6,967
Oxford Archaeological Guides- England (Paperback)
Written by three archaeologists, each a specialitst in on the the three periods covered by the Guide (prehistoric, Roman, medieval) 200 photographs, plans, and maps Includes well-known sites such as Stonehenge, Hadrian's Wall, cities such as London and York which offer a wealth of archaeological..
₦ 9,347
Finding Time for the Old Stone Age: A History of Palaeolithic Archaeology and Quaternary Geology in Britain, 1860-1960 (Hardcover)
The fascinating story of the growth of knowledge about the ancient British past A wealth of previously unpublished primary material, including letters from the various protagonists Numerous illustrations and other tools to understanding, such as location maps and a list of key individualsFinding..
₦ 35,190
From Genesis to Prehistory: The Archaeological Three Age System and its Contested Reception in Denmark, Britain, and Ireland (Oxford Studies in the History of Archaeology) (Hardcover)
The first full treatment of the origins and reception of the now well accepted Three Age System of successive Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages A fascinating contribution to the history of archaeology, deploying material from the deep historical to the personal and accidentalWe are now familiar with th..
₦ 33,830
From Stonehenge to Samarkand: An Anthology of Archaeological Travel Writing (Hardcover)
Ever since Roman tourists scratched graffiti on the pyramids and temples of Egypt over two thousand years ago, people have travelled far and wide seeking the great wonders of antiquity. In From Stonehenge to Samarkand, noted archaeologist and popular writer Brian Fagan offers an engaging historical ..
₦ 11,727
Presents the latest evidence and debate Reveals the extraordinary diversity of experience from Spain to southern ScandinaviaThe processes involved in the transformation of society from Mesolithic hunter-gatherers to Neolithic farmers were complex. They involved changes not only in subsistence but ..
₦ 33,150
Ancient Greek buildings were renowned for their terracotta roofs, an invention which may have first occurred in prehistoric times and been rediscovered in the seventh century BC. This is the first book to look in detail at the complex variations in tile shape, technical features, and decorative moti..
₦ 69,870