Historical archaeology

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Meaning and Identity in a Greek Landscape
In this interdisciplinary study, Hamish Forbes explores how Greek villagers have understood and reacted to their landscapes over the centuries, from the late medieval period to the present. Analyzing how they have seen themselves belonging to their local communities and within both local and wider l..
₦ 25,394
Making History in Banda
Drawing on evidence from several disciplines, Ann Brower Stahl reconstructs the daily lives of Banda villagers of west central Ghana, from the time that they were drawn into the Niger trade (around AD 1300) until British overrule was established early in the twentieth century. The case study aims to..
₦ 15,831
The Archaeology of Improvement in Britain, 1750–1850
In this innovative study, Sarah Tarlow shows how the archaeology of this period manifests a widespread and cross-cutting ethic of improvement, one of the most current concepts of eighteenth and nineteenth century Britain. Theoretically informed and drawn from primary and secondary sources in a range..
₦ 22,525
The Cambridge Companion to Historical Archaeology
The Cambridge Companion to Historical Archaeology provides an overview of the international field of historical archaeology (c. AD 1500 to the present) through seventeen specially-commissioned essays from leading researchers in the field. The volume explores key themes in historical archaeology incl..
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The Archaeology of Class in Urban America
No examination of contemporary urban communities would be complete without the discussion of class identity. But how did class identity inform the urban communities of yesteryear? Taking Newport, Rhode Island in the eighteenth century and Lowell, Massachusetts in the nineteenth century, at the peak ..
₦ 23,800
The Archaeology of Contact in Settler Societies
Several decades of research into the archaeology of contact in North America have laid the foundations for the global exploration of the archaeology of European colonization. It is significant, however, that archaeologists, unlike historians and geographers, have yet to develop a global account of c..
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The Archaeology of Urban Landscapes
This exciting collection on a new movement in urban archaeology investigates the historical archaeology of urban slums. The material that is dug up - broken dinner plates, glass grog bottles, and innumerable tonnes of building debris, nails and plaster samples - will not quickly find its way into mu..
₦ 14,234
A Chesapeake Family and their Slaves
Analysing the material remains left by Maryland's colonists in the eighteenth century in conjunction with historical records and works of art, archaeologists have reconstructed the daily life of the aristocratic British family of the governor of Maryland. In this large household people from differen..
₦ 16,469
Documentary Archaeology in the New World
Designed to appeal to a broad spectrum of archaeologists and historians, Documentary Archaeology in the New World outlines a fresh approach to the archaeological study of the historic cultures of North America which places history alongside anthropology, cultural geography, and a whole range of cogn..
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World Industrial Archaeology
Since the 1950s, when the phrase 'industrial archaeology' was coined, there has been an enormous growth of interest in what have come to be seen as the monuments of our more recent past. One result of this is that all kinds of old industrial plant, once valued only for what it could produce or do, h..
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Ritual, Belief and the Dead Body in Early Modern Britain and Ireland
Drawing on archaeological, historical, theological, scientific and folkloric sources, Sarah Tarlow's interdisciplinary study examines belief as it relates to the dead body in early modern Britain and Ireland. From the theological discussion of bodily resurrection to the folkloric use of body parts a..
₦ 22,844