Medieval archaeology

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Death and Memory in Early Medieval Britain
How were the dead remembered in early medieval Britain? Originally published in 2006, this innovative study demonstrates how perceptions of the past and the dead, and hence social identities, were constructed through mortuary practices and commemoration between c. 400–1100 AD. Drawing on archaeologi..
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Medieval England
The English cultural landscape has evolved over centuries, retaining in its multifarious patterning many aspects of the past which provide evidence of a long and gradual development. This book discusses in detail some aspects of life in medieval England still to be seen in the landscape. The perspec..
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The author's chief purpose in compiling and presenting this illustrated guide to Anglo-Saxon pottery of the period from about AD 400–650 is to show how this pottery can be used as evidence for the early Anglo-Saxon period in England in terms of both political history and culture. Introductory chapte..
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The Archaeology of Celtic Britain and Ireland
The image of the Celt is one of the most emotive in the European past, evoking pictures of warriors, feasts, and gentle saints and scholars. This comprehensive and fully-illustrated book re-appraises the archaeology of the Celtic-speaking areas of Britain and Ireland from the late fourth to the twel..
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Norton Priory
A unique study of medieval monastic life that for the first time integrates the results of modern archaeological investigation with conventional historical and architectural research. Norton Priory itself has been the subject of the largest campaign of excavation of any monastic house in Europe, and..
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