Archaeology: general interest

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Structure and Cognition in Art
The essays in this volume, which was originally published in 1983, present an innovative and unified approach to the archaeological analysis and interpretation of art and design. Together, they illustrate a variety of approaches to the discovery and systematic description of the underlying regularit..
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The Oldest Irish Tradition
Kenneth Hurlestone Jackson was the Rede Lecturer in 1964 and his lecture, printed here, focused on exploring medieval and earlier Irish literature. The Rede lectures originate from an endowment left to the University of Cambridge by Sir Robert Rede, Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas for a serie..
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Sanctuary of Hemithea at Kastabos
Originally published in 1966, this is an account of the excavation of a Greek sanctuary in the south-west corner of the mainland of Asia Minor opposite Rhodes - once known as the Carian Chersonese. The excavation took place in 1959–1960. This was the first Greek temple of any size to be uncovered in..
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The Archaeology of Measurement
The construction of formal measurement systems underlies the development of science, technology, economy and new ways of understanding and explaining the world. Human societies have developed such systems in different ways, in different places and at different times, and recent archaeological invest..
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The Idea of Cultural Heritage
The idea of cultural heritage has become widespread in many countries, justifying government regulation and providing the background to disputes over valuable works of art and architecture. In this book, Derek Gillman uses several well-known cases from Asia, Europe, and the United States to review t..
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Writing about Archaeology
In this book, Graham Connah offers an overview of archaeological authorship: its diversity, its challenges, and its methodology. Based on his own experiences, he presents his personal views about the task of writing about archaeology. The book is not intended to be a technical manual. Instead, Conna..
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The archaeological record is a combination of what is seen by eye, as well as the microscopic record revealed with the help of instrumentation. The information embedded in the microscopic record can significantly add to our understanding of past human behavior, provided this information has not been..
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Society and Death in Ancient Egypt
Janet Richards considers social stratification in Middle Kingdom Egypt, exploring the assumption that a 'middle class' arose during this period. By focusing on the entire range of mortuary behavior, she shows how Middle Kingdom Egyptian practices and landscapes relating to death reveal information a..
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Archaeological Method
The archaeological record consists of 'dead' finds, remnants of human culture. The archaeologist relies on them to understand how past societies were organised and how they functioned. This book, by the distinguished Czech scholar Evzen Meustupny, considers the archaeological method, the way in whic..
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Fitzwilliam Museum McClean Bequest
Frank McClean (1837–1904) was not only a civil engineer, astronomer and pioneer of objective prism spectrography, but also an accomplished and systematic collector of ancient and medieval art. McClean's collections, which were left to the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, on his death, were at that tim..
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Archaeological Constructs
Archaeology, like all scientific disciplines, is accumulating an ever-increasing volume of data which the researcher must be able to retrieve and use in formulating and testing theories of interpretation. There are many practical questions of how information can best be recorded, stored and dissemin..
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Empires, the largest political systems of the ancient and early modern world, powerfully transformed the lives of people within and even beyond their frontiers in ways quite different from other, non-imperial societies. Appearing in all parts of the globe, and in many different epochs, empires invit..
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