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₦ 26,690
African History: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) (Paperback)
There is no other short book that explains African history and historiography. Concrete histories and stories are used to build a picture of both the continent's past and how that past has been interpreted in Africa and beyond. Africa has been known as 'the cradle of mankind', and its recoverabl..
₦ 6,967
After Alexander: Central Asia before Islam (Proceedings of the British Academy) (Hardcover)
Draws on new research in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan Includes important numismatic studiesThis is a new study of the history, archaeology and numismatics of Central Asia, an area of great significance for our understanding of the ancient and early medieval world. This vast, land-locked region, wit..
₦ 33,150
Ancient Israel in Sinai: The Evidence for the Authenticity of the Wilderness Tradition (Hardcover)
In his pathbreaking Israel in Egypt, James K. Hoffmeier refuted the claims of scholars who questioned the historical accuracy of the biblical account of the Israelite sojourn in Egypt. Analyzing a wealth of textual, archaeological, and geographical evidence, he put forth a thorough defense of the bi..
₦ 15,470
Ancient to Medieval South Indian Society in Transition (Hardcover)
Author a renowned scholar Important reference book for teachers and students of south Indian history An interdisciplinary study Well illustratedWritten over a decade, this collection traces the emergence of medieval state and social formation in south India, specifically in Tamil Nadu from twe..
₦ 15,467
Anthropology: What Does It Mean to Be Human? (Paperback)
Highly readable, full-color, question-oriented presentation of what it means to be human, incorporating answers from all the subfields of anthropology Wide geographical focus with "EthnoProfile" boxes that include basic facts and maps, situating each society discussed at length in the text Incor..
₦ 22,950
Major advances in the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have been made in both anthropology and archaeology. Yet there have been relatively few published discussions of how GIS can be used to approach and solve complex problems in substantive research. This book will bring together users o..
₦ 19,550
Archaeologies of English Renaissance Literature (Hardcover)
Explores new interdisciplinary territory A fresh approach to familiar, frequently-taught literary texts by Shakespeare and Spenser Clear discussion of points of contact between archaeological and literary theoryThis study draws on the theory and practice of archaeology to develop a new perspecti..
₦ 27,370
Archaeology and Text: The Temple in South Asia (Hardcover)
Eminent contributors Interdisciplinary appealThis volume brings together scholars from a range of academic specializations to study a crucial element of Indian culture-the Hindu temple. Highlighting the importance of cultural politics, patronage, and ritual practice, this volume provides an apprai..
₦ 16,147
Archaeology of the Origin of the State: The Theories (Hardcover)
Original approach: political theory is seen from the perspective of an applied science (archaeology) Fills a gap in archaeological thought and will provoke debate about its implications for our understanding of human historyThis book, newly translated from the original Spanish, first offers a summ..
₦ 26,350
Archaeology: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) (Paperback)
Highly readable and entertaining account of the problems, concerns, and nature of archaeology Archaeology holds a growing fascination, as a pastime, career, and subject of academic study Paul Bahn is an acclaimed authority and popularizer of the subject, being a freelance writer and broadcaster,..
₦ 6,967
This book explores the concepts of 'region' and 'nation' in Indian history through long-term study of Baghelkhand - from Prehistory up to 1956. It examines the ways in which the region eventually became part of the Indian nation (1947) and then the state of Madhya Pradesh (1956). Readership: Th..
₦ 13,767