British history 1066-1450

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Standards of Living in the Later Middle Ages
Between 1200 and 1520 medieval English society went through a series of upheavals: this was an age of war, pestilence and rebellion. This book explores the realities of life of the people who lived through those stirring times. It looks in turn at aristocrats, peasants, townsmen, wage-earners and pa..
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The Liturgy in Medieval England
This is the first comprehensive historical treatment of the Latin liturgy in medieval England. Richard Pfaff constructs a history of the worship carried out in churches - cathedral, monastic, or parish - primarily through the surviving manuscripts of service books, and sets this within the context o..
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The Home of the Monk
First published twice in 1926, and again in 1934 with an updated bibliography, Cranage's The Home of the Monk is a small but useful introduction for the visitor to any English monastic site. Working from surviving architectural and documentary evidence, he examines the buildings section by section, ..
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Deviance and Power in Late Medieval London
During the late Middle Ages the London ruling elite was increasingly influenced by the idea that a secret counter-society was operating in the city. Its members were suspected to be active mainly at night, to roam the city aimlessly and to be identifiable by three main characteristics: their latent,..
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Domesday Book and Beyond
In an extended foreword, specially prepared for this new impression, J.C. Holt asserts categorically "that Domesday Book and Beyond remains the greatest single book on English medieval history." Its lucidity, subtlety, compass, and (remarkably) statistical facility stand quite unsurpassed and, as Pr..
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The English Church in the Fourteenth Century
This 1955 book is an expanded version of Pantin's 1948 Birkbeck Lectures on the English church in the fourteenth century. The period saw great changes, in part due to the Black Death and its consequences. The work is divided into three parts. In the first, Pantin examines social and political aspect..
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The Origins of the English Gentry
The gentry played a central role in medieval England, and this study is a sustained attempt to explore the origins of the gentry and to account for its contours and peculiarities between the mid-thirteenth and the mid-fourteenth century. The book deals with the deep roots of the gentry, but argues a..
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The English Rising of 1381
This book contains eight articles, six of which are based on papers contributed to a commemoration conference organised by the Past and Present Society in 1981. Two further articles and an introduction are contributed by other experts. They explore the various dimensions of the rising of 1381: the d..
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British Borough Charters 1216–1307
This volume is a continuation of Adolphus Ballard's study of medieval borough charters, British Borough Charters 1042–1216. After Ballard's death in 1915, completion of his work was undertaken by Professor James Tait, (1862–1944) and first published in 1923. Tait follows Ballard's structure from his..
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The History of Westminster Abbey
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British Borough Charters 1307–1660
This volume is a continuation of Adolpus Ballard's study of medieval borough charters, British Borough Charters 1042–1216, continued in British Borough Charters 1216–1307, edited by Professor James Tait. Martin Weinbaum was an American historian who worked closely with Professor Tait during a stay i..
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John Hopton: A Fifteenth Century Suffolk Gentleman
John Hopton's adult life spanned the years between 1430 and 1478, reputedly one of the most turbulent periods in English history. He, however, neither seems to have been troubled by the 'Wars of the Roses', nor to have displayed those attitudes normally attributed to the upper classes of the time: u..
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