British history after 1450

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English Radicalism, 1550–1850
An exploration of the place of radical ideas and activity in English political and social history over three centuries. Its core concern is whether a long-term history of radicalism can be written. Are the things that historians label 'radical' linked into a single complex radical tradition, or are ..
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Politics, Religion and Popularity in Early Stuart Britain
Revisionism has had a far-reaching impact upon the history of politics and religion in early Stuart Britain. The essays collected here were originally published in 2002, and set out to assess this impact and develop further some of the central themes highlighted in the work of the historian Conrad R..
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Science in the Service of Empire
Joseph Banks is one of the most significant figures of the English Enlightenment. This book places his work in promoting 'imperial science', in the context of the consolidation of the British State during a time of extraordinary upheaval. The American, French and Industrial Revolutions unleashed int..
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Society, Politics and Culture
In a number of related case-studies, this book traces the social political, and cultural factors making for conformity and obedience, and those promoting dissidence and revolt in sixteenth- and early seventeenth-century England. The essays explore the significance of the concept of honour in forming..
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The Cardinal Protectors of England
A personal and political history, unpredictable and often tragic, of the series of Italian cardinals who undertook, at the invitation of the crown, to serve the king and England in the papal court. It also investigates fully the character of Anglo-papal relations in the two generations before the br..
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Hobbes, Bramhall and the Politics of Liberty and Necessity
This 2007 book was the first full account of one of the most famous quarrels of the seventeenth century, that between the philosopher Thomas Hobbes (1588–1679) and the Anglican archbishop of Armagh, John Bramhall (1594–1663). This analytical narrative interprets that quarrel within its own immediate..
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Of Prelates and Princes
The Tudor bishops were men of power and influence within the English realm, both because they possessed spiritual authority and because they exercised lordship over great estates. This book examines their activities as temporal lords: it seeks to discover how wealthy they were and to what uses their..
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Samuel Hartlib and Universal Reformation
Samuel Hartlib was a key figure in the intellectual revolution of the seventeenth century. Originally from Elbing, in Prussig, Hartlib settled permanently in England from the late 1620s until his death in 1662. His aspirations formed a distinctive and influential strand in English intellectual life ..
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Friends in Life and Death
In Friends in Life and Death two distinguished historians join forces to exploit the exceptional riches offered by the records of British and Irish Quakers for the student of social, demographic, and familial change during the period 1650–1900. Professor Vann and Eversley have analysed the experienc..
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Transforming English Rural Society
Between 1540 and 1920 the English elite transformed the countryside and landscape by building up landed estates which were concentrated around their country houses. John Broad's study of the Verney family of Middle Claydon in Buckinghamshire demonstrates two sides of that process. Charting the famil..
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The English Navy in the Revolution of 1688
First published in 1928, this was one of the first in-depth studies to investigate why the English navy was unable to prevent William of Orange's invasion in 1688. Edward B. Powley argues that a combination of bad strategic choices as well as adverse weather, William's so-called 'Protestant wind', r..
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Fashioning Adultery
This book provides a major survey of representations of adultery in later seventeenth- and early eighteenth-century England. Bringing together a wide variety of literary and legal sources - including sermons, pamphlets, plays, diaries, periodicals, trial reports and the records of marital litigation..
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