East Asian history

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The Making of the Chinese State
In this well-crafted 2006 study of the relationships between the state and its borderlands, Leo Shin traces the roots of China's modern ethnic configurations to the Ming dynasty (1368–1644). Challenging the traditional view that China's expansion was primarily an exercise of incorporation and assimi..
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Old Highways in China
In 1873, the Christian missionary Isabelle Williamson set out from Chefoo (Yantai),China, to spread the gospel to Chinese women. Her four separate journeys along the ancient roads of Shandong Province and Beijing are recorded in Old Highways in China (1884), a chronicle of the everyday lives of the ..
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The Boxer Uprising
To many the Boxer Uprising of 1900 is a half-forgotten episode in the history of China's resistance to progress. Yet the Boxers are regarded by many as the founders of Chinese nationalism; for although the Uprising was a failure, it forced the government to realize that it must modernize the country..
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The Journal of Mr Samuel Holmes, Serjeant-Major of the XIth Light Dragoons, During his Attendance, as One of the Guard on Lord Macartney's Embassy to China and Tartary
This journal, kept by a soldier in the Light Dragoons of the voyage to 'China and Tartary' in the years 1792–1793, was published in 1798. Holmes kept his diary during the attempt by Lord Macartney to establish an embassy in China. Macartney returned to Britain unsuccessful, heightening western curio..
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The Japanese Trajectory
This wide-ranging and innovative collection of essays addresses the Japanese dimension of one of the major sociological issues of our time: the nature of socio-economic modernisation and the emergence or otherwise of 'post-modern' industrial society. The rise to economic supremacy of post-war Japan ..
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Biographical Memoir of James Dinwiddie, L.L.D., Astronomer in the British Embassy to China, 1792, '3, '4,
This is an account of the career of James Dinwiddie (1746–1815). First published in 1868 by Dinwiddie's grandson William Jardine Proudfoot, the work is based on Dinwiddie's own autobiographical notes, travel logbook and personal correspondence. The biography traces Dinwiddie's career from the scient..
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Organized Workers and Socialist Politics in Interwar Japan
First published in 1981, this book, a political history of organised labour in Japan during the 1920s and 1930s, broke ground in research on the Japanese socialist movement by examining the movement from the perspective of the unions, which then provided the socialist parties with much of their popu..
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Korea 14 Volume Set
This comprehensive collection of facsimile documents contains all available diplomatic reports regarding Korea that are housed in the British National Archives. From the documents it can be seen that the modern history and status of Korea was dependent upon the rivalries between, and the comparative..
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Narrative of a Recent Imprisonment in China after the Wreck of the Kite
Narrative of a Recent Imprisonment in China after the Wreck of the Kite (1841) is an autobiographical account, written by the merchant sailor John Lee Scott, of his 'shipwreck and subsequent imprisonment in the Celestial Empire' in 1840, during the First Anglo-Chinese or so-called 'Opium' War. In ei..
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Memoirs of the Chief Incidents of the Public Life of Sir George Thomas Staunton, Bart., Hon. D.C.L. of Oxford
Sir George Thomas Staunton (1781–1859), sinologist and politician, was a key figure in early nineteenth-century Anglo-Chinese relations. Staunton secured a post as a writer in the East India Company's factory in Canton in 1798 and was the only Englishman at the factory to study Chinese. He translate..
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Five Months on the Yang-Tsze
Thomas Blakiston was a British army officer who organised an expedition up the Yangtsze river while posted in Canton during the second Opium War in 1859. First published in 1862, this is his account of navigating 'one of the greatest rivers in the world a distance of eighteen hundred miles'...
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Through the Yang-tse Gorges
Through the Yang-tse Gorges is Archibald Little's diary (published in London in 1888) of his journey up the Yangtze River from Shanghai to Chongqing by a native junk boat in 1883. Little strongly advocated the introduction of steam travel on the upper part of the river between Yichang and Chongqing,..
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