European history 450-1000

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Cartulaire de l'Abbaye de Conques en Rouergue
First published in 1879, Desjardin's edition of the cartulary of the Abbey of Conques brings together 548 charters and other documents written between 801 and 1180. These original documents provide valuable information relating to the history of the abbey, making this volume an essential reference f..
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Cartulaire de l'Abbaye de Saint-Sernin de Toulouse (844–1200)
The former abbey church of Saint-Sernin in Toulouse - now known as the Basilica of Saint-Sernin - was built between about 1080 and 1120, and restored by French architect Viollet-le-Duc during the nineteenth century. The cartulary of the abbey, which contains copies of all the charters and records re..
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To Have and to Hold
This volume analyzes how, why, and when pre-modern Europeans documented their marriages - through property deeds, marital settlements, dotal charters, church court depositions, wedding liturgies, and other indicia of marital consent. The authors consider both the function of documentation in the pro..
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The Emperor Romanus Lecapenus and his Reign
This study, centred around the reign of the usurping Emperor Romanus Lecapenus, was originally published in 1929, reissued in 1963, and has been out of print for several years. It contributed to the revival of interest in Byzantine studies at that time, and has since remained one of the most authori..
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Power and Patronage in Early Medieval Italy
Founded around the beginning of the eighth century in the Sabine hills north of Rome, the abbey of Farfa was for centuries a barometer of social and political change in central Italy. Conventionally, the region's history in the early Middle Ages revolves around the rise of the papacy as a secular po..
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Monks and Laymen in Byzantium, 843–1118
In Byzantium monks did not form a separate caste, apart from society. They were not only loyal to their own houses or monastic leaders, but also formed part of a nexus of social, economic and spiritual relationships which bound together the 'powerful' in the middle Byzantine state. Their monasticism..
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Hellenism in Byzantium
This 2008 text was the first systematic study of what it meant to be 'Greek' in late antiquity and Byzantium, an identity that could alternatively become national, religious, philosophical, or cultural. Through close readings of the sources, Professor Kaldellis surveys the space that Hellenism occup..
₦ 29,219
Byzantium in the Seventh Century
This book presents the first analytical account in English of the major developments within Byzantine culture, society and the state in the crucial formative period from c. 610 to 717. Since its original publication in 1990, the text has been revised throughout to take account of the latest research..
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Edward Gibbon and Empire
This book examines Gibbon's interpretations of empire and the intellectual context in which he formulated them against a background of the eighteenth- and late twentieth-century knowledge of late antiquity and the Middle Ages. Gibbon's ideas of empire, his understanding of monarchy and the balance o..
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The Rome of Pope Paschal I
In the early ninth century, a critical time in Rome's transformation from ancient capital to powerful bishopric to new state capital, Pope Paschal I undertook a building campaign to communicate his authority and Rome's importance as an ancient and contemporary seat of power. Combining analysis of co..
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History and Memory in the Carolingian World
The writing and reading of history in the early Middle Ages form the key themes of this book. The primary focus is on the remarkable manifestations of historical writing in relation to historical memory in the Frankish kingdoms of the eighth and ninth centuries. It considers the audiences for histor..
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Cartulaires de l'église Cathédrale de Grenoble dits Cartulaires de Saint-Hugues
The Charters of Grenoble Cathedral are also known as the Charters of St Hugues, who was bishop of the see from 1080 to 1132. In this 1869 work, Marion gives a thorough introduction to the history of the cathedral and to the information contained in the charters...
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