African history

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A History of the Arabs in the Sudan 2 Volume Paperback Set
H. A. MacMichael was a member of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan government between 1905 and 1933. This ethnographic work first published in 1922 is the culmination of almost twenty years' ethnological research conducted while H. A MacMichael was stationed in various parts of Sudan. This ethnography provid..
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Abraham Esau's War
The South African War 1899–1902 is no longer treated as 'a white man's war' by historians. Black South Africans were drawn into service by both sides, and the war affected the black communities in a variety of complex ways. Dr Nasson has written a closely focused regional study of the conflict in th..
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Land in Dar Fur
This book is the first study of the administration of this Sudanese sultanate in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to be drawn from recently-discovered Arabic land charters. Translations of forty-seven selected charters and related documents are presented to illustrate the complexity of land a..
₦ 13,597
Proletarians and African Capitalism
A study of the role of unionised workers in Kenya, this places the workers and their unions within the broad context of an evolving political economy. Similar studies, often restricted to a single trade union, have usually focused either on union–government relations or on internal union politics. T..
₦ 16,466
African Railwaymen
This was the first anthropological monograph to have dealt at length with the labour force of a major East African industry. It is a study of the African employees of the East African Railways and Harbours stationed at Kampala, Uganda, and living on the Railway-owned Nsambya housing estate. Set in t..
₦ 11,684
In a vast and all-embracing study of Africa, from the origins of mankind to the AIDS epidemic, John Iliffe refocuses its history on the peopling of an environmentally hostile continent. Africans have been pioneers struggling against disease and nature, and their social, economic and political instit..
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A Tropical Dependency
Flora Shaw, Lady Lugard (1852–1929) was the first female reporter for The Times, and colonial editor from 1893 to 1900. She travelled widely, and wrote hundreds of articles promoting the British Empire and in favour of its expansion as a world power. She became very involved in South African politic..
₦ 13,916
The History of the Yorubas
Samuel Johnson (1846–1901) was an Anglican minister and historian renowned for his magisterial history of the Yoruba people. This volume, first published in 1921 by his brother, Dr Obadiah Johnson, contains Johnson's pioneering history of the Yoruba people which remains the standard reference for Yo..
₦ 21,250
Christianity and Genocide in Rwanda
Although Rwanda is among the most Christian countries in Africa, in the 1994 genocide, church buildings became the primary killing grounds. To explain why so many Christians participated in the violence, this book looks at the history of Christian engagement in Rwanda and then turns to a rich body o..
₦ 11,684
The Ghanaian Factory Worker
A pioneering study of the social aspects of industrialisation in a developing country in tropical Africa. Though industrial workers form a relatively small proportion of the Ghanaian population, they represent the 'modern' sector of the economy and industrial jobs are much sought after by school lea..
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The Diamond Mines of South Africa
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