Economic history

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Central Banking in the Twentieth Century
Central banks are powerful but poorly understood organisations. In 1900 the Bank of Japan was the only central bank to exist outside Europe but over the past century central banking has proliferated. John Singleton here explains how central banks and the profession of central banking have evolved an..
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Rules of Exchange
The control of competition is designed, at best, to reconcile socioeconomic stability with innovation, and at worst, to keep competitors out of the market. In this respect, the nineteenth century was no more liberal than the eighteenth century. Even during the presumed liberal nineteenth century, le..
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History and Description of the Crystal Palace 3 Volume Set
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Hunt's Hand-Book to the Official Catalogues of the Great Exhibition 2 Volume Set
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Energy and the English Industrial Revolution
The industrial revolution transformed the productive power of societies. It did so by vastly increasing the individual productivity, thus delivering whole populations from poverty. In this new account by one of the world's acknowledged authorities the central issue is not simply how the revolution b..
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History and Description of the Crystal Palace
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History of the Manufacture of Iron in All Ages
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The Capital and the Colonies
Between 1660 and 1700, London established itself as the capital and commercial hub of a thriving Atlantic empire, accounting for three quarters of the nation's colonial trade, and playing a vital coordinating role in an increasingly coherent Atlantic system. Nuala Zahedieh's unique study provides th..
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Hunt's Hand-Book to the Official Catalogues of the Great Exhibition
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The Trade Relations of the British Empire
The growth of an 'imperial' outlook in colonial policy at the end of the nineteenth century led to calls for greater imperial integration, which prompted studies and scholarly works on the economic relations between Britain and its imperial possessions. This volume, first published in 1903 and writt..
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The Industrial Resources of Ireland
This important 1844 survey of the natural resources of Ireland and the potential for their exploitation is a valuable source on the state of Ireland shortly before the outbreak of the Famine. Robert Kane outlines ways in which the Irish economy could be made less dependent on agriculture...
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Pinochet's Economists
This book tells the extraordinary story of the Pinochet regime's economists, known as the Chicago Boys. It explores the roots of their ideas and their sense of mission, following their training as economists at the Department of Economics at the University of Chicago. After their return to Chile, th..
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