Colonial American history

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Possessing Albany, 1630–1710
In Possessing Albany, 1630–1710, Donna Merwick reconstructs the manifold ways by which Dutch people of seventeenth century New York took hold of the New World. As Merwick reminds us, the Dutch understood themselves to be republican, urban, mobile, mercantile, and amphibious; in short, properly Dutch..
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The Young America Movement and the Transformation of the Democratic Party, 1828–1861
The phrase 'Young America' connoted territorial and commercial expansion in the antebellum United States. During the years leading up to the Civil War, it permeated various parts of the Democratic party, producing new perspectives in the realms of economics, foreign policy, and constitutionalism. Le..
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Traders, Planters and Slaves
The explosive growth of the Atlantic slave trade in the second half of the seventeenth century made the international trade in Africans one of the world's largest industries. This book explores the operation of that industry in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, focusing on the mar..
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In Search of Empire
The decades between 1670 and 1730 were the most formative in the history of the French colonies in the Americas. A sufficient number of migrants arrived from France and Africa to create settlements, establish economies of production, develop networks of exchange and trade, and adapt institutions of ..
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Irish-American Trade, 1660–1783
An important contribution to both the new history of colonial British America and revisionist Irish economic and social history, this book assaults well established myths depicting Irish involvement in transatlantic trade as subordinate to narrow British interests. Ireland's vigorous trade with Brit..
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Coming Over
Coming Over discusses the English migration to New England in the seventeenth century and shows the importance of English connections in the lives of American colonists. David Cressy reviews the information available to prospective migrants, the decisions they had to reach and the actions necessary ..
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Providence and the Invention of the United States, 1607–1876
Nicholas Guyatt offers a completely new understanding of a central question in American history: how did Americans come to think that God favored the United States above other nations? Tracing the story of American providentialism, this book uncovers the British roots of American religious nationali..
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Official Letters to the Honorable American Congress 2 Volume Set
Appointed Major General by the Continental Congress in 1775, George Washington, the future President of the United States of America, was one of the most significant and influential witnesses to the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783). Published in England in 1795, twelve years after the end of t..
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Divisions throughout the Whole
This book explores the connection between the changing social context of colonial New England and the emergence of political unrest in the years before the American Revolution. Unlike studies that have examined revolutionary activity in major colonial towns, where it was most visible, Professor Nobl..
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Ploughshares into Swords
James Sidbury's Ploughshares into Swords places the enslaved population of Virginia squarely within the emerging Atlantic world culture--of the market economy, of urban culture, of Virginia's rapidly changing religious culture. Sidbury stresses the way black Virginians appropriated white cultural fo..
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Beyond Garrison
Why was Massachusetts one of the few Northern states in which African-American males enjoyed the right to vote? Why did it pass personal liberty laws, which helped protect fugitive slaves from federal authorities in the two decades immediately preceding the Civil War? Why did the Bay State at the ti..
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Discoveries of America
Discoveries of America is a collection of personal letters written by eighteen of the thousands of British emigrants who came to North America in the fifteen years preceding the onset of the American Revolution. These accounts are rare: few letters sent by emigrants during the colonial period exist...
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