History of medicine

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Preserve your Love for Science
William Alexander Hammond, M. D. (1828–1900), one of the most successful American physicians of the nineteenth century, was first recognized in the 1850s as a natural history collector and as an original investigator in physiological chemistry. Appointed surgeon general of the United States Army in ..
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The advent of tropical medicine was a direct consequence of European and American imperialism, when military personnel, colonial administrators, businessmen, and settlers encountered a new set of diseases endemic to the tropics. Professor Farley describes how governments and organizations in Britain..
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Patients and Practitioners
The essays in this volume provide an unusual historical perspective on the experience of illness: they try to reconstruct what being ill (from a minor ailment to fatal sickness) was like in pre-industrial society from the point of view of the sufferers themselves. The authors examine the meanings th..
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Innovation in Chinese Medicine
In the West ideas about Chinese medicine are commonly associated with traditional therapies and ancient practices which have survived, unchanging, since time immemorial. Originally published in 2001, this volume, edited by Elizabeth Hsu, demonstrates that this is far from the reality. In a series of..
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The Cambridge Illustrated History of Medicine
Against the backdrop of an unprecedented concern for health today, The Cambridge Illustrated History of Medicine not only surveys the rise of medicine in the West from earliest times to the present day, but also glimpses into the future. It is written by a team of experts co-ordinated by one of the ..
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Morbid Appearances
When we consider how the scientific revolution came to medicine, we often think of the rise of the great laboratory disciplines of the nineteenth century. Often overlooked in these accounts, however, is the role of clinical medicine and its important early branch, pathology. Morbid Appearances trace..
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A Medical History of Persia and the Eastern Caliphate
Published in 1951, this book presents a continuous history of the art and practice of medicine in Persia (Iran), from the earliest times to the twentieth century. Elgood's prefatory chapter defines the scope of the History, and informs the reader of his extensive resources - due to his knowledge of ..
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Mystical Bedlam
Mystical Bedlam explores the social history of insanity of early seventeenth-century England by means of a detailed analysis of the records of Richard Napier, a clergyman and astrological physician, who treated over 2000 mentally disturbed patients between 1597 and 1634. Napier's clients were drawn ..
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Technological Medicine
Advances in medicine have brought us the stethoscope, artificial kidneys, and computerized health records. They have also changed the doctor-patient relationship. This book explores how the technologies of medicine are created and how we respond to the problems and successes of their use. Stanley Jo..
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The Western Medical Tradition 2 Volume Paperback Set
This set comprises two paperback volumes. The first volume, The Western Medical Tradition, 800BC–1800AD, examines the system of medical ideas that went back to the Greeks of the eighth century BC, and played a major role in the understanding and treatment of health and disease. Its influence spread ..
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Spreading Germs
Spreading Germs discusses how modern ideas on the bacterial causes of communicable diseases were constructed and spread within the British medical profession in the last third of the nineteenth century. Michael Worboys surveys many existing interpretations of this pivotal moment in modern medicine. ..
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Medicine before the Plague
This book describes the medical world of the early fourteenth century through a study of the extensive archival material and contemporary writings which exist for eastern Spain in the decades before the Black Death. It describes the range of medical practice which then existed - a continuum ranging ..
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