History of science and technology

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Innovation in Maxwell's Electromagnetic Theory
James Clerk Maxwell's (1831–1879) contributions to twentieth-century science and technology - in particular, the displacement current and the electromagnetic theory of light - are among the most spectacular innovations in the history of physics, but the technical complexities and thematic subtleties..
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Constructing the Subject
Constructing the Subject traces the history of psychological research methodology from the nineteenth century to the emergence of currently favored styles of research in the second quarter of the twentieth century. Kurt Danziger considers methodology to be a kind of social practice rather than simpl..
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The Atlantic Telegraph
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Records in Stone
Professor Alexander Thom, who died in 1985, was a distinguished engineer. Independently of his 'mainstream' academic career, he developed a deep and active interest in the prehistoric megalithic sites of Britain and Brittany, visiting and surveying many hundreds of them over a period of forty years...
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A History of the Concept of Valency to 1930
The development of the concept of valency has provided one of the major unifying contributions to the growth of chemistry as a science. The study of its history is therefore of the greatest interest to all chemists and historians of chemistry. After 1930, wave mechanics provided a firm theoretical b..
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Present Day Metallurgical Engineering on the Rand
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Mine Drainage
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Life of Richard Trevithick
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Nuclear Weapons
This book is a history of nuclear weapons. From their initial theoretical development at the start of the twentieth century to the recent tests in North Korea, Jeremy Bernstein seeks to describe the basic science of nuclear weaponry at each point in the narrative. At the same time, he offers account..
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On Tycho's Island
Tycho Brahe (1546–1601), the premier patron-practitioner of science in sixteenth-century Europe, established a new role of scientist as administrator, active reformer and natural philosopher. This book explores Brahe's wide range of activities which encompass much more than his reputed role of astro..
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Redirecting Science
An important study for understanding the complex interconnections between basic science and its sources of economic support in the period between the two world wars. The focus of the study is on the Institute for Theoretical Physics (later renamed the Niels Bohr Institute) at Copenhagen University, ..
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A History of Wireless Telegraphy
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