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The Arts of Love
This book examines the love elegies of the Roman poets Tibullus, Propertius and Ovid from the point of view of the way the meanings attributed to the poems arise out of the interests and preoccupations of the cultural situation in which they are read. Each study is centred around a reading of a poem..
₦ 11,047
The Epic Successors of Virgil
This short book is a study of the epic tradition of the early Roman empire and specifically of the epic poems of Ovid, Lucan, Statius, Valerius Flaccus and Silius Italicus. It explores the use they made of Virgil's Aeneid, an epic interpreted not just as a monument to the heroic construction of the ..
₦ 11,366
Redeeming the Text
This book applies some of the procedures of modern critical theory (in particular reception-theory, deconstruction, theories of dialogue and the hermeneutics associated with the German philosopher Gadamer) to the interpretation of Latin poetry. Charles Martindale argues that we neither can nor shoul..
₦ 11,366
The Transvestite Achilles
Statius' Achilleid is a playful, witty, and open-ended epic in the manner of Ovid. As we follow Achilles' metamorphosis from wild boy to demure girl to lover to hero, the poet brilliantly illustrates a series of contrasting codes of behaviour: male and female, epic and elegiac. This first full-lengt..
₦ 12,322
Dio Chrysostom Orations: 7, 12 and 36
Dio of Prusa, known as Dio Chrysostom, was the foremost orator in the classical world in the first century AD. This new edition, with introduction and commentary, presents three of his speeches, all of which are masterpieces of the genre and are particularly important for the intellectual history of..
₦ 13,916
Terence and the Language of Roman Comedy
This book offers a comprehensive examination of the language of Roman comedy in general and that of Terence in particular. The study explores Terence's use of language to differentiate his characters and his language in relation to the language of the comic fragments of the palliata, the togata and ..
₦ 13,278
Lucan: De bello civili Book II
This edition offers the first full-scale commentary on the neglected second book of Lucan's epic poem on the civil war between Caesar and Pompey: De bello civili. It pays particular attention to Lucan's inheritance from Virgil's Augustan epic and response to its challenge. The introduction gives a g..
₦ 19,019
Homer: Odyssey Books XIX and XX
The Odyssey, besides being one of the world's first and best adventure stories, is a poem of great subtlety, rich in irony and sophisticated characterisation. The poet's art is amply illustrated by books XIX and XX, in which Odysseus, disguised as a beggar, spends the night in his own palace and lay..
₦ 12,322
The Art of Pliny's Letters
In this 2008 book on intertextuality in Pliny the Younger, Professor Marchesi invites an alternative reading of Pliny's collection of private epistles: the letters are examined as the product of an authorial strategy controlling both the rhetorical fabric of individual units and their arrangement in..
₦ 25,394
Euripides: Helen
This up-to-date edition offers a detailed literary and cultural analysis of Euripides' Helen, a work which arguably embodies the variety and dynamism of fifth-century Athenian tragedy more than any other surviving play. The story of an exemplary wife (not an adulteress) who went to Egypt (not to Tro..
₦ 12,641
Virgil: Aeneid Book XI
Book XI of the Aeneid covers four crucial days in Aeneas' struggle against the Latins. In it, Virgil gives us the funeral of Pallas, the great Latin war-council, Turnus' plan to ambush Aeneas and the aristeia and death of Camilla K. W. Gransden sees the second half of the Roman national epic as 'Vir..
₦ 11,366
Helping Friends and Harming Enemies
This book is a detailed study of the plays of Sophocles through examination of a single ethical principle. Sophocles has traditionally been considered the least philosophical of the three great Greek tragedians, but Professor Whitlock Blundell offers an important new examination of the ethical conte..
₦ 13,597