Classical art and architecture

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Art and Identity in Dark Age Greece, 1100–700 BC
This book explores how art and material culture were used to construct age, gender and social identity in the Greek Early Iron Age, 1100–700 BCE. Coming between the collapse of the Bronze Age palaces and the creation of Archaic city-states, these four centuries witnessed fundamental cultural develop..
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Ancient Crete
'Ancient Greece' with its associations of city states, democratic governance, and iconic material culture, can no longer be envisaged as a uniform geographical or historical entity. The classical city states of Crete differed considerably in culture, history and governance from those of central Gree..
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Art in the Era of Alexander the Great
In this book, Ada Cohen focuses on art produced in Macedonia during the late Classical and early Hellenistic period, which coincides with the reigns of Philip II, his famous son Alexander the Great, and their immediate successors. Although inspired by traditional Greek themes and ideals, this body o..
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Vase Painting, Gender, and Social Identity in Archaic Athens
Spectators at the sides of narrative vase paintings have long been at the margins of scholarship, but a study of their appearance shows that they provide a model for the ancient viewing experience. They also reflect social and gender roles in archaic Athens. This study explores the phenomenon of spe..
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The Roman Banquet
Dining was an important social occasion in the classical world. Scenes of drinking and dining decorate the wall paintings and mosaic pavements of many Roman houses. They are also painted in tombs and carved in relief on sarcophagi and on innumerable smaller grave monuments. Drawing frequently upon a..
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Mycenaean Greece, Mediterranean Commerce, and the Formation of Identity
The impact of long-distance exchange on the developing cultures of Bronze Age Greece has been a subject of debate since Schliemann's discovery of the Shaft Graves at Mycenae. In Mycenaean Greece, Mediterranean Commerce, and the Formation of Identity, Bryan E. Burns offers a new understanding of the ..
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The Female Portrait Statue in the Greek World
In this book, Sheila Dillon offers the first detailed analysis of the female portrait statue in the Greek world from the 4th century BCE to the 3rd century CE. A major component of Greek sculptural production, particularly in the Hellenistic period, female portrait statues are mostly missing from ou..
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Minoan Stone Vases
A descriptive inventory, with numerous drawings and photographs, of more than 3,500 stone vases from the Minoan civilisation of ancient Crete. With few exceptions, Dr Warren has studied the vases in corpora. He arranges them into types, discusses the various stones used and their sources, methods of..
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The Mythology of Kingship in Neo-Assyrian Art
The relief slabs that decorated the palaces of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, which emphasized military conquest and royal prowess, have traditionally been understood as statements of imperial propaganda that glorified the Assyrian king. In this book, Mehmet-Ali Ataç argues that the reliefs hold a deeper ..
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The Furniture and Furnishings of Ancient Greek Houses and Tombs
In this book, Dimitra Andrianou analyses the furniture and furnishings found in late Classical and Hellenistic houses, tombs, and inscriptions of ancient Greece. Questioning the wealth of images of furniture as portrayed on vases, she focuses on the actual remains of furniture found in houses; analy..
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The Origins of the Greek Architectural Orders
Much of our understanding of the origins and early development of the Greek architectural order is based on the writings of ancient authors, such as Virtruvius, and those of modern interpreters. Traditionally, the archaeological evidence has been viewed secondarily and often made to fit within a lit..
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Bathing in the Roman World
In Bathing in the Roman World, Fikret Yegul examines the social and cultural aspects of one of the key Roman institutions. Guiding the reader through the customs, rituals, and activities associated with public bathing, Yegul traces the origins and development of baths and bathing customs and analyze..
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