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Becoming Roman
This book is a study of the process conventionally termed 'Romanization' through an investigation of the experience of Rome's Gallic provinces in the late Republic and early empire. Beginning with a rejection of the concept of 'Romanization' it describes the nature of Roman power in Gaul and the Rom..
₦ 13,597
The Maeander Valley
This is a study of the long-term historical geography of Asia Minor, from the fourth century BC to the thirteenth century AD. Using an astonishing breadth of sources, ranging from Byzantine monastic archives to Latin poetic texts, ancient land records to hagiographic biographies, Peter Thonemann rev..
₦ 26,031
Literacy and Orality in Ancient Greece
This book explores the role of written and oral communication in Greece and is the first systematic and sustained treatment at this level. It examines the recent theoretical debates about literacy and orality and explores the uses of writing and oral communication, and their interaction, in ancient ..
₦ 13,278
Early Greek Warfare
First published in 1973, this is a study of the literary and archaeological developments in the warfare of early Greece. Dr Greenhalgh considers in particular the military history of the chariot and mounted horse, both as they were represented in poetry and art and as they were used in reality from ..
₦ 11,366
The Prosopography of the Later Roman Empire 2 Part Set
This is the final volume of the three-volume Prosopography which now provides a complete secular biographical dictionary for the Later Roman Empire from AD 260 to 641. This volume begins at the start of the reign of Justinian in 527 and ends at the death of Heraclius in 641. Like its predecessors, t..
₦ 121,656
Oral Tradition and Written Record in Classical Athens
Scholars are becoming increasingly aware that, despite its written literature, ancient Greece was in many aspects an oral society. In the first major attempt to study the implications of this discovery, Dr. Thomas stresses the coexistence of literacy and oral tradition in Greece and examines their i..
₦ 27,306
Olympic Victor Lists and Ancient Greek History
This is the first comprehensive examination of Olympic victor lists. The origins, development, content, and structure of Olympic victor lists are explored and explained, and a number of important questions, such as the source and reliability of the year of 776 for the first Olympics, are addressed. ..
₦ 27,306
Democracy and Participation in Athens
This book is concerned with the public aspects of the life of Athenian citizens in the period from c.450 to 322 BC. Its central purpose is a critical assessment of the character and extent of citizens' participation in the running of the democracy, by raising certain fundamental questions. By what m..
₦ 15,831
Early Hellenistic Coinage from the Accession of Alexander to the Peace of Apamaea (336–188 BC)
This is the first full study of early Hellenistic coinage to be published. It provides a general history of the coinage of Alexander the Great and his successors, and of the cities of Greece and Asia Minor, over the century and a half 336–188 BC. Dr Mørkholm's detailed descriptions of the coins, and..
₦ 49,619
A Greek Army on the March
Professor Lee provides a social and cultural history of the Cyreans, the mercenaries of Xenophon's Anabasis. While they have often been portrayed as a single abstract political community, this book reveals that life in the army was mostly shaped by a set of smaller social communities: the formal uni..
₦ 25,394
The renowned classical scholar and archaeologist A. B. Cook (1868–1952) published the final volume of his monumental Zeus: A Study in Ancient Religion in two parts in 1940. The volume covers the theme of Zeus as a weather-god - the god of earthquakes, clouds, wind, dew, rain and meteorites - an idea..
₦ 11,684
Asceticism in the Graeco-Roman World
Asceticism deploys abstention, self-control, and self-denial, to order oneself or a community in relation to the divine. Both its practices and the cultural ideals they expressed were important to pagans, Jews, Christians of different kinds, and Manichees. Richard Finn presents for the first time a ..
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