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In this book, Susan Niditch seeks a deeper understanding of Israelite culture as expressed, shaped and reinforced in images of hair - a complex symbol drawn from the body. In addition to the biblical texts, Niditch looks at pictorial representations of hair and other material evidence...
₦ 14,450
1979 Book of Common Prayer Personal Edition (Leather Bound)
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₦ 14,450
De Bono Coniugali, De Sancta Virginitate (Oxford Early Christian Texts) (Hardcover)
These texts provide vital insights into traditional Christian teachings on marriage and virginity and the social history of early Christianity A new modern translation with explanatory notes of two of Augustine's most respected worksDe bono coniugali and De sancta virginitate were written in the s..
₦ 34,850
The most in-depth treatment available in English of one of the most important theological movements of the twentieth century Diverse author team of renowned international experts in the field Provides a multidisciplinary approach to the subject with thirty-one new purpose written essays While ..
₦ 26,350
This book examines the impact of racist government legislation and policies upon the indigenous people of Australia over the last 200 years. Anne Pattel-Gray contends that racism in Australia is rooted in the long and corrupt relationship between government and church. The persistence of racism in e..
₦ 11,390
This study provides a complete reassessment of the Messalian controversy of the fourth and fifth centuries AD. The Messalians were an ascetic group, their name (of Syriac derivation) meaning `praying people'. Their extraordinary claims and graphic spiritual vocabulary were considered heretical by th..
₦ 21,250
A Catholic Modernity?: Charles Taylor's Marianist Award Lecture, with responses by William M. Shea, Rosemary Luling Haughton, George Marsden, and Jean Bethke Elshtain (Hardcover)
This book offers a series of reflections on the state of Christianity, and especially Catholicism, in the world today. The centrepiece of the volume is a lecture by the renowned philosopher Charles Taylor, from which the title of the book is taken. The lecture, delivered at Dayton University in Janu..
₦ 11,730
A Faith of Their Own: Stability and Change in the Religiosity of America's Adolescents (Hardcover)
A response to the seminal National Study of Youth and Religion Data based on a nationally representative sample Sociological study with real life examples in the the testimony of youth from across the countryFollowing in the path of such acclaimed works as Soul Searching and Souls in Transition-..
₦ 9,687
The religious histories of both the USA and Canada contain many dramatic themes, such as the Great Awakenings, the triumph of religious freedom, the clashes between Catholics and Protestants, the tensions of racial and ethnic differences, the forming of church unions, and the contentions between Chr..
₦ 21,250
A Just Zionism: On the Morality of the Jewish State (Hardcover)
First systematic philosophical analysis of the Zionist enterprise as a whole, in all its aspects: The idea of working through the whole thing, considering the justice of Zionist claims in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, in the years after World War Two, in the years after 1967, and right now..
₦ 15,300
A Law Book for the Diaspora: Revision in the Study of the Covenant Code (Hardcover)
Offers a controversial argument for a radical revision of the traditional understanding of Hebrew LawThe foundation for all scholarly study in biblical law is the shared assumption that the Covenant Code, as contained in Exodus 20:23-22:33 is the oldest code of laws in the Hebrew Bible, and that all..
₦ 17,507