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Temporal Pillars
The histories of Queen Anne's Bounty, created in 1704, and the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, established in 1836, run so closely together, and their functions, until their amalgamation in 1948 as the Church Commissioners, were so similar, that it would be impossible to study them separately. In this..
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The Encyclopedia of Religion in Australia
Australia is a country rich in religious diversity. While constitutionally-speaking Australia is a secular society, waves of immigration over its short history have had a large impact on its religious and cultural make-up. The Encyclopedia of Religion in Australia is the first major work of referenc..
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Alternative Christs
Few, if any, individuals have had such a profound influence on Western culture as Jesus, even though not a single detail of his life or teaching can be confirmed with certainty. This lack of reliable biographical data has left his life open to broad interpretation. Jesus, gnostic and apocryphal sour..
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Man as Churchman
The study of ecclesiastical history presents unique problems: the events it deals with are not ordinary events and fundamental questions of faith may be involved in their interpretation. The Church historian is often required to be a student of dogma as much as of history. It is the complex relation..
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Narrative, Religion and Science
An increasing number of contemporary scientists, philosophers and theologians downplay their professional authority and describe their work as simply 'telling stories about the world'. If this is so, Stephen Prickett argues, literary criticism can (and should) be applied to all these fields. Such ne..
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Pagan and Christian in an Age of Anxiety
Interest in the world of Late Antiquity is currently undergoing a significant revival, and in this provocative book, now reissued in paperback, E. R. Dodds anticipated some of the themes now engaging scholars. There is abundant material for the study of religious experience in late antiquity, and th..
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The Invention of Sacred Tradition
The dictionary definition of tradition refers to beliefs and practices that have been transmitted from generation to generation, however, 'tradition' can rest simply on the claim that certain cultural elements are rooted in the past. Claim and documented historical reality need not overlap. In the d..
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Religion in Mind
Religion in Mind is a 2001 text which summarizes and extends the advances in the cognitive study of religion throughout the 1990s. It uses empirical research from psychology and anthropology to illuminate various components of religious belief, ritual, and experience. The book examines cognitive dim..
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Catechetical Oration
First published in 1903, this book is an edition by James Herbert Srawley of the Oratio Catechetica by Gregory of Nyssa. Collating the texts of numerous manuscripts - many of which had not been used to produce an edition before - Srawley's edition was designed to assist students in placing Gregory's..
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Religion and American Foreign Policy, 1945–1960
The Cold War was in many ways a religious war. Presidents Truman and Eisenhower and other American leaders believed that human rights and freedom were endowed by God, that God had called the United States to defend liberty, and that Soviet communism was evil because of its atheism and enmity to reli..
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The Cambridge Illustrated History of Religions
The Cambridge Illustrated History of Religions provides a comprehensive survey of world religions from pre-history to the present day. Each religion is treated in depth, with text written by an acknowledged academic expert supported by lavish illustration. Images have been carefully chosen to comple..
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The Existence of Evil Spirits Proved
Walter Scott (1779–1858), President and Theological Tutor at Airedale College in Bradford, delivered a series of lectures on the occult at the Congregational Library, London, in 1841. This 1843 volume is a collection of Scott's lectures, in which he employs scriptural and testimonial evidence to sup..
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